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PAS Delivery Address Setup

Included on this page:

General Information

The Delivery Address Setup feature allows you to set a standard delivery address for all your online requisitions. Before your office begins entering online requisitions, the delivery address should be set for all budgets in your organization level. (In addition, Review Routing Flags may need to be set. See Requisition Approval information.)

The delivery address is set by budget number and remains until it is modified with this function or until the budget number expires. When setting the address for several budgets, you may either set them individually or use the copy feature. The copied data may be modified for each budget number.

Once set, the delivery address will appear automatically on the General Data Screen during requisition entry. When entering a requisition, you may leave the standard delivery address as it appears on the screen or type over it.

Setting the Delivery Address

When setting the delivery address, you must be in the Financial System rather than in the Purchasing and Accounts Payable System.

To set up the delivery address:

Step One: Open the Financial System (FIN)

To select the Financial System from the IS Main Menu.
"FIN" in Choice Box


To select the Financial System from within the PAS program:
".FIN" followed by two spaces in the Home position

The Financial System Main Menu will appear.

Step Two: Request the Requisition Entry Setup Menu
Action: [3] ­ Requisition Entry Setup Menu

Step Three: Request the Delivery Address Update Screen.
Action: [3] ­ Delivery Address Update

The Delivery Address Update Screen will appear.

Step Four: Enter the budget number to see the existing delivery address.
"budget number" in the first Budget Number field

Note: Leave the Biennium field blank to define the current biennium. (When setting the delivery address for the next biennium, type the last two digits of the upcoming biennium year.)

The Delivery Address Update Screen will return with any existing delivery address data for the budget number entered in Step Four.

Step Five: Type the delivery address for the budget number entered in Step Four. (To modify existing data, type over it.)
"delivery address"
"mail box number"
"department contact"
"phone number"

The message "Update Completed" will return on a blank Delivery Address Update Screen. At this point, you may copy the address entered to another budget, follow the above steps to set a different address for another budget, or exit by sending an "E" in the Action Box.

Copying a Delivery Address

You may copy a delivery address from one budget number to another. Of course, the delivery address must be set for the first budget before it can be copied. (See "Setting the Delivery Address.") The copied delivery address may be modified, allowing you to make the delivery information specific to each budget. The copy function is useful when most of your budgets use the same or similar delivery addresses.

To copy a delivery address:

Step One: Specify the budget numbers.
First, type the budget number to set.
"budget number" ­ to receive the copied address

Second, type the budget number with the delivery address to copy. (The cursor moves directly from the first budget number field to the next.)
"budget number" ­ to copy

The Delivery Contact Update Screen will return with the delivery address copied to the new budget number.

Step Two: If necessary, modify the copied data to be more specific to the receiving budget.
"data modifications" ­ type over the displayed data

The message "Update Completed" will return on a blank Delivery Address Update Screen. At this point, you may copy another delivery address, enter another address, or exit.

To copy another address:
Look at Copying a Delivery Address, Step One.

To enter another address:
Look at Setting a Delivery Address, Step Four.

To exit (and return to the Req Entry Setup Menu):
Action: [E] ­ Exit.

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