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Requisition Approval

Requisition Approval allows supervisory staff within the same organization to review online purchase requisitions before forwarding them to the central offices. During the Requisition Approval process, supervisors may skip, reject, or approve an online requisition just as they would a paper requisition. Once the reviewer approves an online requisition, which is comparable to signing a paper requisition, the requisition moves to the next review process instantly.

Technically, a requisition could be reviewed within the department's organizational hierarchy as many as six times­by one person at each of the six levels of the organization code. Most requisitions, however, are reviewed on campus only once, within the originating department, before going to the central offices. Refer to the appropriate page for a definition of the organization code levels.

Note: the person in the department who will review the requisitions must first set the review routing flags. Please see the page on "Review Routing Flags" for instructions on setting these flags. If no review flags are set, requisitions will not stop for review before going to the central offices.

Using Requisition Approval

Sign on to the PAS System.

To review an online requisition:

Step One: Request Requisition Approval

Action: [2] ­ Requisition Approval

Step Two: Find out if there are requisitions to review.

Action: [9] ­ Workload

When no requisitions are awaiting review, you may sign off or return to the Requisition Entry Main Menu.

To return to the Requisition Entry Main Menu:
Action: [2] ­ Quit

Step Three: Select whether you want to review a single requisition or all requisitions awaiting review.

To review a single requisition:
"requisition number

To review all requisitions awaiting approval:
Action: [3] ­ Review All

Both of the above actions will display the Requisition Review Summary Screen.

Step Four: Process the requisition by any of the following options:

  • Skip a requisition to review others (Action 3 ­ Skip)'
  • Review requisition detail in Requisition Inquiry (Action 4 ­ Inquire),
  • Approve and send the requisition to the central offices for processing (Action 5 ­ Approve)'
  • Reject and return the requisition to the point of origination where corrections can take place (Action 6 ­ Reject).

Directions follow for each review process.

To skip a requisition and look at all others awaiting review:
Action: [3] ­ Skip

To review requisition detail in Requisition Inquiry:
Action: [4] ­ Inquire

View detail, and when finished:
Action: [2] ­ Quit

To approve a requisition:
Action: [5] ­ Approve

To reject a requisition:
"a concise description of the changes required for approval" ­ in the Notes field. You must enter these comments in the Notes field to reject a requisition.
Action: [6] ­ Reject

Note: If more than one person in your department reviews requisitions, include the reviewer's initials in the notes so the person entering the requisition knows who to contact with questions.

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