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PAS-Table of Contents:

Requisition Entry

Setting Delivery Address

Special Requisition Handling

Requisition Approval

Setting Approval Flags

Requisition Corrections

Requisition Inquiry

Payment Inquiry

Order/Payment Inquiry

Encumbrance Inquiry

Action Codes

System Messages


Organization Codes

About the Admin Systems:

Getting Access to
Online Systems

Access Forms

Communications Software

Signing On


System Hours




PAS Glossary of Terms

Requisition Main Menu Glossary

The following list of actions are on the Requisition Entry Main Menu. They are described in the same order as they appear on the screen.
  1. Requisition Entry allows entry of online purchase requisitions.
  2. Requisition Approval allows individuals with "signature authority" to review, approve, or reject requisitions prior to releasing them to the central offices. Requisition Approval is optional.

    If approval of online requisitions is necessary, you must set the Review Routing Flags in the Financial System before entering requisitions. The Review Flags are set by object code and dollar amount on each budget.
  3. Requisition Corrections allows corrections for online purchase requisitions. Once a requisition is encumbered, it may be corrected only after one of the reviewers rejects it. Requisitions that have been rejected for correction must be fixed and then encumbered again to send them through the review and purchasing processes.
  4. Requisition Inquiry displays information on requisitions within your organization code throughout the purchasing process. (For more information on the organization code, see the Organization Code description in this documentation.) In Requisition Inquiry, you may see all information entered for a requisition, as well as the requisition status, the name of the buyer handling the purchase, the order information (once the order is placed online), and the payment information after payment is approved.
  5. Encumbrance Inquiry displays the most current encumbrance information on requisitions. (The Financial System lists encumbrance information as well.)
  6. Payment Inquiry by Budget Number displays payment information for the budget number specified. The information may be displayed with or without accounting data such as object/subpotent code, project, task and option codes, etc.
  7. Payment Inquiry by Check No. or Doc Seq Inv No. displays payment information when you know either the check number or the document sequence invoice number (the reference number assigned at the time of encumbrance liquidation).
  8. Vendor Search allows you to find a vendor's address from the online Vendor Control File. The search is available from the Requisition Entry Menu and from the Requisition Entry Vendor Screen during entry and corrections.
  9. Order/Payment Inquiry displays all requisition information, including order and payment data for orders that were placed online. Order and payment information may be displayed from here or from the Requisition Inquiry General Data Screen. By selecting Action 9 from this menu, you can see all requisition/order/payment information available to your usercode.

Other Topics in this Guide: