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The NEW Leadership Alumni network is a great opportunity to stay in contact with your fellow participants and speakers, and ensure that your network of contacts remains strong. Alumni can share events, job postings, and other interesting news with their fellow NEW Leadership participants. Part of the NEW Leadership goal is to build a strong community of successful, supporting women, but we cannot do that alone!

Alumni spotlight

Daniele Meñez, 2015 Alene Moris NEW Leadership Graduate
Past President of the Association of Students at University of Washington – Seattle (ASUW)

A Photo of Alumnae spotlight Daniele Meñez

“I knew that I strived to be a leader, but I didn’t know what kind of leader I could be—and what kinds of opportunities existed to help me get there. My time at the [NEW Leadership] Institute allowed me to meet like-minded, passionate peers, learn specific skills such as parliamentary procedure and business etiquette, and learn from empowering women. I learned that there was no specific route to or definition of success—it is about finding what you are passionate about and running with it. The Institute showed me that I had the capacity and support system to become a leader. This helped me as I served as the Director of the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission, in which I led the Pacific Islander community through programming and advocacy.”

Daniele Meñez was born on the Pacific island of Saipan and raised on another beautiful island, Guam. She participated in the Alene Moris NEW Leadership Institute as a sophomore.

The spring after the Institute, Meñez was elected ASUW President for the 2016-2017 academic year. As ASUW President, Meñez chaired the Board of Directors and served as the official spokesperson for the Association on and off campus. Participating in the university’s shared governance with administration and faculty, she represented the student body by bringing their voices and opinions on the issues to that governance.

Alene Moris NEW Leadership Husky 100

Congratulations to NEW Leadership Alumni Charmila Ajmera and Misrak Tekeste, who were recognized as a 2020 Husky 100.  Now in its fifth year, the program recognizes 100 students from across the three University of Washington campuses who are making the most of their time at the University.

The Women’s Center is proud of all its NEW Leadership alumni Husky 100 recipients.

Husky 100 2020 — Charmila Ajmera and Misrak Tekeste

Husky 100 2019 — Louie Tan Vital

Husky 100 2018 — Gurdeep Gill

Husky 100 2017 — Alishia Agee Cooper, Aretha Basu, Daniele Meñez, and Erica Soelling

Husky 100 2016 — Hanna Dinh, Meron Fikru, and Jillian Reddish

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