Alene Moris Women’s Center

Dr. Sutapa Basu, executive director of the UW Alene Moris Women’s CenterExecutive Director and Affil. Assistant Professor

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Phone: (206) 685-1090


Senait Ogbe Habte Assistant Director and Making Connections Program Manager

Senait Ogbe Habte

Assistant Director and Making Connections Program Manager

Senait Habte is the Assistant Director and Making Connections Program Manager where she supports and guides strategic planning, co-facilitates salary negotiation workshops, develops curriculum for the Making Connections Program, advises students and is a steadfast advocate for low income and first-generation students. Since 2007, Habte has lead and expanded the Women’s Center’s Making Connections (MC) Program into a thriving pre-college, STEM-focused program that offers comprehensive educational services to 105 high school students, their families and countless MC alumnae each year.  Prior to Making Connections, Habte worked as a Program Coordinator at the UW Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity. Outside of the UW, Habte leads an Eritrean youth dance group and serves on numerous community-based boards and committees.

Program Email:
Phone: (206) 685-1090


Matt Smith GRE Prep Instructor

Matt Smith

GRE Prep Instructor

Matt Smith has over six years teaching experience at the undergraduate level. Currently, he is completing on his PhD in philosophy at the University of Iowa. He hopes to bring his combined teaching and graduate school experiences to bear while aiding others in achieving their academic goals. Matt firmly believes that everyone has the right to a high-quality education and that neither social nor economic constraints should be a barrier to furthering one’s academic career. Whenever not focused on his studies and teaching duties, Matt enjoys hanging out with his wife, hiking, exploring Seattle and its wealth of good restaurants, reading science fiction, and admiring miscellaneous graffiti and tattoos.

Elizabeth Pitts

Grant Writer

Elizabeth is the Student Grant Writer for the Women’s Center and primarily focuses on grants for the Making Connections Program. She is a third-year concurrent MSW/MPA student and an alum of the Alene Moris NEW Leadership Program. Their background is largely based in direct-service social work with student populations such as foster youth and teen parents but has also worked in nonprofit fundraising and program management. During their MSW practicum, Elizabeth worked on state-level education legislation through OSPI and United Way of King County. She is grateful to be at the Women’s Center now where she can help impact educational equity in closer community with students.


Denna Milaninia

Administrative Assistant

Denna is one of the Administrative Assistants for the UW Women’s Center where she supports the program managers by managing the front desk. She helps maintain the Center’s overall efficiency and professionalism through her assistance with daily operations and duties. Currently in her third year as a student at the UW, Denna is majoring in Education, Communities, and Organizations with the hopes of eventually becoming an elementary school teacher. With a passion for social justice, she hopes to aid the Women’s Center in creating a safe space full of opportunities for individuals to grow and learn.



Karla Partida Castro

Anti-Human Trafficking Research Assistant

Karla is the Anti-Human Trafficking Research Assistant, where she assists the Women’s Center in conducting research regarding violence against women, human trafficking, and gender equity, assists with organizing and drafting presentations for various speaking engagements and forms part of the Women’s Center’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. Currently, she is a Juris Doctor Candidate at the University of Washington School of Law. She is a native Washingtonian, who is committed to serving her community, and working to make Washington a safer place for all people regardless of religious identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or socioeconomic standing.


Sally Walker

Making Connections Academic Enrichment Coordinator

Sally is a 1L student at the University of Washington School of Law. She graduated from Williams College in 2020 with a degree in Economics and Sociology. She is passionate about education and has worked with several non-profits and organizations to make education resources more accessible.