Alene Moris Women’s Center

Dr. Sutapa Basu, executive director of the UW Alene Moris Women’s CenterSutapa Basu, PhD (she/her)

Executive Director and Affil. Assistant Professor

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Phone: (206) 685-1090

Picture of Carmen. She has long brunette hair and is wearing a khaki-colored jacket with a plaid scarf.Carmen Staab (she/her)

Administrator, Program Operations

Carmen manages the administrative operations of the Women’s Center and its programs. She supports the Center’s mission and values by providing operational and fiscal management, infrastructure development and planning, and coordination and oversight of special events and programming. She is passionate about contributing to a positive environment at the Center that values diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and partnership. Carmen earned her BA in Political Science from the UW College of Arts & Sciences and has held several fiscal and office administration roles at the UW prior to working at the Women’s Center.

Phone: (206) 685-1090

Picture of Safi. She is wearing glasses, a striped blue and white shirt with a red and blue tie and a red and black jacket.Safiya Karmy-Jones (she/her)

Assistant for Special Projects

Safiya (Safi) is an acting assistant to special projects for the Women’s Center currently working with Dr. Basu to collect and narrativize oral histories from women of color lead movements while providing support for multiple Center programs. Safi is also a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Washington’s English Department with a focus on disability histories and cultural studies, an instructor in the University’s Interdisciplinary and Expository Writing Programs, and a former teaching assistant for the American Ethnic Studies Department. As someone who strives to center access and equity in her scholarship and pedagogy, Safi is excited to contribute her skillsets to the Women’s Center, an organization dedicated to and built on these ideals.


Elizabeth Pitts (she/they)

Grant Writer

Elizabeth is the Student Grant Writer for the Women’s Center and primarily focuses on grants for the Making Connections Program. She is a third-year concurrent MSW/MPA student and an alum of the Alene Moris NEW Leadership Program. Their background is largely based in direct-service social work with student populations such as foster youth and teen parents but has also worked in nonprofit fundraising and program management. During their MSW practicum, Elizabeth worked on state-level education legislation through OSPI and United Way of King County. She is grateful to be at the Women’s Center now where she can help impact educational equity in closer community with students.


Denna Milaninia (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Denna is one of the Administrative Assistants for the UW Women’s Center where she supports the program managers by managing the front desk. She helps maintain the Center’s overall efficiency and professionalism through her assistance with daily operations and duties. Currently in her third year as a student at the UW, Denna is majoring in Education, Communities, and Organizations with the hopes of eventually becoming an elementary school teacher. With a passion for social justice, she hopes to aid the Women’s Center in creating a safe space full of opportunities for individuals to grow and learn.

Picture of Dora. She is in front of a window. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She is wearing a hoodie.Dora Reyes Saavedra (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

Dora is a Sophomore at the University of Washington hoping to major in Psychology (B.A.). She loves to read, play soccer, watch Netflix, or work out in her free time. She has a beautiful one-year-old daughter and lives with both her and her husband off-campus. Dora is always busy, so she makes sure to squeeze 10min breathers almost every day! She strongly believes in working hard and taking breaks for self-care from time to time.

Picture of Devoni. Behind her is a view of the water and skyline. She is wearing a black shirt and a grey sweater.Devoni Whitehead (She/her/Siya)

Assistant to the Director 

As the child of an immigrant family, Devoni’s passion for Social Policy and Justice stemmed from witnessing how rising sea levels, typhoons, and floods devastated her mother’s home country. As a Black Filipina – Devoni is committed to not only highlighting the voices of her Black and Brown community, but dismantling oppressive institutionalized systems that continue to marginalize, isolate, and disenfranchise the BIPOC community in the first place.

Currently, Devoni is studying for her MPA at the University of Washington Evans School with special interests in Social Policy, community development, and resilience. She hopes to use her skills and knowledge at the Women’s Center to help advocate for women’s rights, and help with the fight against human trafficking in Washington State.

In her free time, Devoni is an artist that creates pieces of art that explores topics of environmental racism, social justice, and self-love.