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Sutapa Headshot 2Executive Director and Affil. Assistant Professor

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Email: sbasu@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 685-1090


Nancy Finelli

Re-Entry Program Advisor

Nancy Finelli has 34+ years of experience supporting women returning to a formal learning environment.  Finelli offers re-entry guidance to support women through a variety of life experiences such as motherhood, career changes, divorce, widowhood, abuse and everything in between to help women transition back into a classroom environment.  As a woman who has experienced many of these transitions herself and someone with a passion for women’s education and empowerment, Finelli has a wealth of knowledge and resources to help women pursue and achieve their higher education and career goals.  Finelli offers confidential, one-on-one, in-person or phone advising sessions tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Email: ffinelli@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 543-9708

Senait Ogbe Habte

Assistant Director and Making Connections Program Manager

Senait Habte is the Assistant Director and Making Connections Program Manager where she supports and guides strategic planning, co-facilitates salary negotiation workshops, develops curriculum for the Making Connections Program, advises students and is a steadfast advocate for low income and first-generation students. Since 2007, Habte has lead and expanded the Women’s Center’s Making Connections (MC) Program into a thriving pre-college, STEM-focused program that offers comprehensive educational services to 105 high school students, their families and countless MC alumnae each year.  Prior to Making Connections, Habte worked as a Program Coordinator at the UW Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity. Outside of the UW, Habte leads an Eritrean youth dance group and serves on numerous community-based boards and committees.

Email: senait@uw.edu
Program Email: wcmcp@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 685-1090

Hudson, Heather

Heather Hudson

Advancements and Events Coordinator

Heather is the Advancement and Events Coordinator for the UW Women’s Center where she raises funds for the Center, organizes large-scale events, coordinates the Advisory Board, and manages the Alene Moris NEW Leadership Program. Previously, she worked in the private sector in the outdoor industry and had a stint where she transitioned to public service as the PR contact for a non-profit grant making program focusing on children’s health and education. A mother of two girls, Hudson is passionate about gender equity and improving access and diversity in education.

Email: hzhudson@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 685-1090

Isabelle DunneIsabelle Dunne

Administrative Assistant and Assistant to the Director

Isabelle received a B.A in History from Florida State University and recently graduated with an M.A in Museum Studies from the University of Washington. She is passionate about fostering awareness, community investment, and development within museums and other non-profit, mission-driven organizations. Isabelle enjoys working for the Center and supporting their mission for change while she continues to learn more about organizational development and program operations. In her free time, she enjoys live music, trying new foods, spending time with friends, and watching documentaries.

Email: idunne@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 685-1090

Ken Matsudaira

Ken Matsudaira

SAT Prep Instructor

Ken Matsudaira has been teaching SAT Strategies classes for the UW Women’s Center for over fifteen years. He is committed to serving low-income, first-generation college students; to creating opportunities for affordable access to high-quality coaching for test takers; and to the idea that the SAT should not be a barrier to equal access to education. He works effectively within a diversity of cultural contexts, academic skill levels, and learning modalities. When not teaching with the UW Women’s Center, Matsudaira serves as the curator for the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery at Seattle Central College, provides SAT coaching for the Upward Bound Summer Program at South Seattle College, cooks, gardens, reads, and geeks out to life

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

GRE Prep Instructor

Matt Smith has over six years teaching experience at the undergraduate level. Currently, he is completing on his PhD in philosophy at the University of Iowa. He hopes to bring his combined teaching and graduate school experiences to bear while aiding others in achieving their academic goals. Matt firmly believes that everyone has the right to a high-quality education and that neither social nor economic constraints should be a barrier to furthering one’s academic career. Whenever not focused on his studies and teaching duties, Matt enjoys hanging out with his wife, hiking, exploring Seattle and its wealth of good restaurants, reading science fiction, and admiring miscellaneous graffiti and tattoos.

AmeriCorps Members

Rachel Long

AmeriCorps Member — Gender Equity and Leadership Coordinator

Rachel Long was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. Rachel recently earned her master’s degree from New York University where she studied International Relations and Global Futures. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys keeping up with national and international politics, music, podcasts, and working to promote universal equality. She is excited about the opportunity to support the work of the UW Women’s Center, specifically through the Alene Moris NEW Leadership Institute, as well as further helping others gain knowledge in ways to further gender equity.

Kristy Hansen

AmeriCorps Member — Making Connections STEM Enrichment Coordinator

Kristy Hansen graduated from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska with a dual degree in Life Sciences-Biology and Chemistry-Health Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. As an undergraduate, Kristy enjoyed exploring biomedical and environmental research paths. She plans on continuing in her passion of biomedical sciences through medical school in the fall of 2020. Outside of work, Kristy enjoys volunteering with at-risk youth populations through her Seattle-based church and varied hobbies including reading, hiking, and hockey.

Student Staff Team

Hielen Enyew

Lifelong Learning Coordinator

Hielen Enyew is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington with the intended majors of Astronomy and Physics. She has been working at the Women’s Center for the past year, in addition to being a mentor and a tutor with Making Connections, she also puts in time volunteering at Church, Seattle Public Libraries and with the outreach programs affiliated with League of Astronomy on campus. She is passionate about Space and anything related with that, in her free time likes hiking, telescope gazing, reading books, watching movies and spending time with her family.

Nina Tran

Administrative Assistant

Nina is an administration assistant for UW Women’s Center and ensures that the general administration duties have met on a daily basis. She is pursuing Human-Centered Design & Engineering at University of Washington. A fun fact, Nina was a former AmeriCorps member and served underrepresented Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children in the literacy program. Her passion lies in making the world a more accessible and inclusive place through UX design and research. She believes in empowering people to overcome many hurdles they face. When not working or studying, she enjoys exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Feben Alemu

Administrative Assistant

Feben Alemu is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington double majoring in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and American Ethnic Studies (AES) with a minor in Informatics and Diversity. She is a Making Connections Alumni and has been coming to the center since her sophomore year in high school. She is passionate about making interactive applications and websites. She hopes to work with a company that creates innovative devices that can help humans, especially people living in third world countries with their day to day life. In her free time, she spends time reading books, spending time with her family and working on personal projects.