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How to nominate or apply

The Alene Moris NEW Leadership six-day Institute is held annually in June on the University of Washington campus.

 Nominations for the 2019 Institute are closed. 

Applications now Closed.

Who can apply to the NEW Leadership Institute?

Alene Moris NEW Leadership is open to any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in any Washington State college or university and to Washington State residents enrolled in out-of-state institutions. Students graduating in the spring and graduate students entering the following fall quarter are eligible.

Students are welcome to apply directly to the program. Nominations from faculty, staff, alumnae, and students are encouraged but are NOT required.

Interested in nominating a student?

If you know a student who you feel would benefit from the NEW Leadership program, please complete the nomination form. Nominated candidates will receive information on how to apply to the program.

How much does it cost?

Participants accepted for admission are accessed a $150.00 administrative fee. Students are encouraged to seek funding through their program and/or department within their institution. A limited number of scholarships through the Women’s Center are available.

Application checklist

A completed application will include the following items. Your application will not be considered if these items are not received by the April 15 deadline.

  1. Application form, including your responses to the essay questions (we highly recommend you write your responses to the essay questions in another document first and then copy and paste them into online the application)
  2. One letter of recommendation, if you were not nominated
  3. Your unofficial transcript
  4. Your resume

Applications for the 2019 Institute are now closed. Application Deadline April 15, 2019.

Recommendation Form – Closed

Scholarship and Housing Application – OPEN

Any questions or concerns? Please contact newlead@uw.edu or 206-685-1090