Alene Moris Women’s Center

The Moris Leadership Academy is held as a weekly workshop during the Spring quarter from March through June on the University of Washington campus.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect our community, the Moris Women’s Center is doing its best to navigate through this unprecedented event. Abiding by the guidelines set by the University of Washington to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and in keeping with the community’s best interest as needed.

Nominations and applications for the 2024 Leadership Academy are now open and will close on March 1, 2024 AoE. Apply for the 2024 Leadership Academy here.

Who can apply to the Leadership Academy?


The Leadership Academy is open to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in any Washington State college or university of any gender identity. Students graduating in the spring and students entering the following fall quarter are eligible. Students are welcome to apply directly to the program here. Nominations from faculty, staff, alumni, and students are encouraged but are NOT required. Nominate a student here.

The Academy seeks a diverse cohort and encourages students from all identities, backgrounds, fields of study, and interests to apply. Non-traditional students are encouraged to join. Our participant’s ages range from 19 to 50 with majors as diverse as Music, Engineering, Journalism, Neuroscience, Spanish, Business, Anthropology, Nursing, and more.

We will reach out to nominated students with information on how to apply to the program.


We always seek to engage with potential speakers, presenters, and/or performers. We highlight leaders across all gender identities, who are both affiliated and unaffiliated with Washington State colleges and universities, and most importantly, who are interested in sharing their stories and experiences as leaders of movements centered around justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability (JEDIAS)

Potential presenters are welcome to self-nominate directly to the program. Nominations from faculty, staff, alumni, and students are encouraged but are NOT required.

We will contact nominated presenters about program development to find out how their topic of interest could support our program schedule. Selected presenters will receive an honorarium as an appreciation for their time and expertise shared. Nominate a leader and speaker or send any questions or concerns to 

Interested in nominating a presenter?

We are accepting rolling nominations for the 2024 Leadership Academy. Please send nominations to, and include the presenter’s

  • full name
  • email address
  • discipline/domain(s) of interest
  • institutional affiliation
  • your relationship with the nominee

If you have already nominated a presenter, we will reach out to them with information on how to apply to the program.

How much does it cost?

Admission is $100 per person for the full program. This fee can be discounted or waived for students through the Leadership Academy Scholarship Program. If you are experiencing financial hardships, we invite you to apply for a scholarship to participate in the Leadership Academy. This scholarship is open to people of all genders and identities. Apply for the Leadership Academy Scholarship Application.

Scholarship Application Checklist

A completed application will include the following items. Your application will not be considered if these items are not received by March 20, 2024 AoE.

Application form requires

  • full name
  • email address
  • organization affiliation
  • student status
  • a reflection on “How does this year’s Leadership Academy apply to your future goals?” (800 words max)

Any questions or concerns? Please contact