Alene Moris Women’s Center

On-campus resources

UW Departments

UW Women’s Studies Dept. The department for Women’s Studies at UW.
UW Huskies
Official athletic website for UW. Get tickets and info for sporting events 
UW Leaders Offers leadership building opportunities for freshman, sophomores, and transfer juniors

Carlson Center at UW
Develops service-learning, community-based participatory research, and leadership opportunities for UW students that sustain reciprocal partnerships, deepen learning, advance civic engagement, and contribute to our greater community.

Student Activities Office
Encourages participation in student activities as an excellent way to experience personal growth, meet new friends, share common interests with other students, faculty and staff, and have some fun outside the classroom.

University Honors Program
Provides a special learning context for high-achieving students looking for a rigorous and enhanced educational experience.

Housing and Food Services
Operates student housing, residence hall dining, retail dining, conference housing, catering services and a campus debit card program.

Cultural Organizations

A Inter-Tribal organization which exists to promote Native culture, education and Native students’ interests, needs and welfare.


Strives to create an environment for academic, social and cultural success as well as political awareness for minority students on campus. 


Pacific Islander Student Commission
The collaborative and collective communities of Pacific Islanders on the UW campus. We are Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia AND the Philippines.
Enhances international understanding and promotes cultural exchange between UW internationals and Americans.


Promotes cultural empowerment, educates others about culture, promotes Higher education to young Latinos, recognizes elders, fights for socio-economic justice, and recognizes and combats gender inequalities.


The only student organization to cater to the multiracial/transracial adoptee community here at the UW. You do not have to identify as mixed to join.
Promotes multiculturalism, student access, and academic achievement within UW.



Provides programs and a learning environment where students and student organizations collaborate, develop and implement programs while building leadership and organizational skills. 


Population Leadership Program
Brings together professionals from developing countries to expand their leadership skills, and partners with them to create systemic improvements in population issues, family planning, and reproductive health at the local, national, and international levels. 

Gender Equity and Violence Prevention

Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE)
Students dedicated to ending sexual assault and relationship violence through peer education.

UW President’s Advisory Committee on Women
Collaborates with the President to improve the state of and environment for all UW women.

A comprehensive faculty and staff assistance program that provides professional support for issues that can affect your personal and work life 

UW Sexual Harassment Ombudsman’s Office
Provides the highest quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing and resolving conflict among students, staff, and faculty of this University.


UW Counseling Center
Provides developmentally-based counseling, assessment, and crisis intervention services to currently-enrolled UW students. 

Student Health Consortium
Its main purpose is two-fold: to be a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote general health on campus.

Women’s Clinic
Committed to helping all women with any concerns they may have about their health care in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting. 

Health & Wellness
Committed to the holistic development and support of our students, including the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, financial and the spiritual dimensions of life.

UW Lactation Stations
A list of many on-site lactation stations for breastfeeding mothers attending school or working at the UW 


Student Disability Commission
A resource for individuals with disabilities that creates awareness, promotes disability culture and pride, and works to make the University of Washington campus and community more accessible to all people. 
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Harborview Sexual Assault & Traumatic Stress (HCSATS)
Provides the highest quality, evidenced based services to help persons impacted by sexual assault and other traumatic events. 

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence
A confidential and safe starting point for students affected by sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. 

UW Police Department
Contains information about services provided by the UWPD, statistical information on crime trends, instructions on how to find us and other helpful resources and tips. 

Fosters a safe and secure UW campus community. UW faculty, staff, and students share the responsibility of carrying out this mission. 

LGBTQIA2S+ Organizations

Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual,Transgender, Queer Students
An umbrella organization for gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, and ally students on campus.

Q Center (Queer/Straight Alliance)
A University of Washington community where justice, equality, compassion, and respect for all people prevail. 
Women’s Organizations About

Women’s Action Commission Director
Offers educational programs each quarter, as well as serves as an advocate for its constituency within the student government and the administration. 
 Center for Women’s Health & Gender Research 
Focuses on developing and expanding collaborations among investigators who study women’s health and gender disparities. 

Rural Girls in Science
Develops partnerships with students, teachers, counselors, parents and community members to create an environment that is conductive of rural girls in science.

Undergraduate Women in Business
Strives towards advancing the continued progress of women in business through educating and encouraging their individual development as business professionals. 

UW Law Women’s Caucus
Facilitates the interaction of women in the law school for mutual enjoyment, support, and encouragement, both among themselves and with women who are practicing law. 

Women in Science & Engineering
Creates a collaborative and learner-centered environment for women in science and engineering and provides both academic and support programs including tutoring, professional mentoring, peer mentoring, and advising. 

Panhellenic Association
Provides information about how to be involved in UW sororities. 

Other Student Services

Student Legal Services
SLS is an on-campus law office that provides confidential legal advice and representation to UW-Seattle students. 

Financial Aid
Offers all the information UW students need on qualifying for, applying for and receiving financial aid. 

International Programs and Exchanges (IPE)
Handles student advising for both outgoing UW study abroad students and incoming international exchange students. 

Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards
Helps UW undergraduates develop the tools and personal insights necessary to match their goals with local and national merit-based scholarship opportunities. aims to help women financial literacy by providing easy to follow steps and one on one help sessions.