Alene Moris Women’s Center

The UW Alene Moris Women’s Center Leadership Academy brings together students, faculty, and community members across the University of Washington and Washington state to engage and participate in rigorous discussions about the roles of women in leadership, community, and politics. The program exposes participants to new ideas and opportunities to develop their self-awareness as they consider their future roles as leaders in the world.

Participants are students, staff, faculty, and community members representing a wide range of socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, and educational backgrounds and academic majors. We believe that intersectionality is more than just academic theory—it is also practice. Our central principle is inclusivity across the multiplicity of identities that women identify with. All women are leaders regardless of identity and positionality, whether they are a teacher, gig workers, or running for political office.

We situate the Leadership Academy in an international history of women organizing efforts. By looking at different issues alongside gendered experiences, we seek to use the Leadership Academy as a catalyst for community building, developing support networks, and sharing knowledge.

The Women’s Center invites everyone to have brunch one Saturday per month. We will meet, learn, build, and network with women leaders in our community. Each session will include brunch nourishments, a panel discussion, and a multimedia screening or performance. Panel discussions will be moderated by a curation of a UW Graduate student, in conversation with a faculty member, and local/national community specialists. Participants who attend all events will receive an JIDEAS for Women Leaders Certificate (JIDEAS = justice, inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility, and sustainability). So, come and join a brunch for leaders!


Sneak Preview: Leadership Academy 2023


  • Women’s Center Open House & the Civil Rights Movement: The Women’s Center at Cunningham Hall will be open for tours, interactive activities, and nourishments in celebration of the launch of the Leadership Academy program. The Women’s Center staff will perform a Read Aloud of the new Vision Statement and celebrate the women who supported MLK Jr and the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Human Trafficking Month: Keep an eye out for a series of community-centered engagements.

February: The Legacy of Crystal LaBeija

This program gives Black Transwomen the opportunity to tell the stories of leaders in their communities that have inspired the world. This event gives commentary on the legacy of the founder of Ballroom, Crystal LaBeija. The Kiki scene is full of practitioners of the arts and expressions of liberatory performance.

March: Women of Color Celebration

In honor of International Women’s Day and for the 20th annual Women of Color Celebration, we will shine a light on the pride, leadership, diversity, and power of women of color in our campus communities.

April: Mother Earth and Indigenous Lands

We will explore the impacts of wellness, food justice, and land reclamation on the lives of first nation women in the state of Washington. 

May: Labor Movements

Through the intersection of American Ethnic studies and labor union movements, we will center the legacy of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and discuss leadership and equity opportunities in the workplace. 

June: Black Trans Women’s Carceral Histories

This program connects students, faculty, staff, and Black Transwomen leadership across the city of Seattle to an international conversation about Black Transwomen’s history of incarceration. The story of Chrissi Mcdonald Johnson.

Leadership Academy Scholarships

General admission is $10 and student admission is $5 per person, per event. This can be waived for students and community members through the Leadership Academy Scholarship Program. If you are experiencing financial hardships, we invite you to apply for a scholarship to participate in the Leadership Academy. Apply at Leadership Academy Scholarship Application

This scholarship is open to peoples of all genders and (non)organization affiliations. Feel free to contact if you have any questions and/or comments.

Learning From Women Leaders

Leadership participants are able to network with local women leaders who represent a wide range of political and civic backgrounds. During the Institute, participants hear and learn from women leaders who are actively engaged in changing society. While there is an emphasis on politics and the Institute hosts several elected officials, speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors, including business, law, medicine, non-profit, and technology.

“Here I am, two years since I completed the Alene Moris Institute, and I am still thankful for the experiences and connections I made and know that our community is stronger because women have access to organizations like the Women’s Center.” Leadership Alum