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Roe v. Wade: Impact, Solution, & Empowerment

A student-led initiative, co-sponsored by the UW Women’s Center and the Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology at the University of Washington, is open to all community members who are passionate about reproductive justice. This event is an opportunity for activists, organizations, and the greater community to come together and discuss what is at stake for Roe v Wade, and its place within the reproductive justice movement. Join us on Saturday, May 21st, 2022 at 10:00 am PST – 2:30 pm PST for a safe space of education, dialogue, and empowerment to provide actionable steps and resources to help advocate for reproductive rights.  Please register here

This program will feature the captivating keynote speaker, Débora Oliveira-Couch and Jasmyne Bryant, from Surge Reproductive Justice. If you have any questions, please contact the event lead, Devoni Whitehead at


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2017 Women of Courage: Undaunted

The Daily writer Clàudia Esplugas Masvida illustrated the success of the Gala as well as the “overwhelming power” attending the event. Read more

Coping with despair and strategizing for justice

The Women’s Center was featured in the Daily. The article showcases the workshop organized by the UW Women’s Center called  “Coping with Despair and Strategizing for Justice.” The workshop was led by professor Anu Taranath. Read more

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