Undergraduate Research Program

WRF Fellowships

A collage of past WRF scholars
Washington Research Foundation Fellowships (WRFF) for advanced undergraduates to support promising students who work on creative and sophisticated research projects in biosciences and related fields under the guidance of UW faculty. WRFFs target undergraduates who have already participated in undergraduate research for at least three quarters and who are working beyond an introductory level in a project that requires creativity and advanced knowledge.

Undergraduates who are interested in devoting a significant portion of time to research, which both complements their coursework and furthers their professional goals, are especially encouraged to apply.

The Washington Research Foundation generously supports the Washington Research Foundation Fellowships to recognize and support undergraduates who achieve a high level of accomplishment in research, particularly in areas relevant to the development of new technologies.

The award is for $7,500, to be disbursed in the amount of $2,500 at the beginning of Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters.