Undergraduate Research Program

Awarding credit

The Undergraduate Research Program does not issue credit for undergraduate research; however, most students can earn departmental or general studies credit.

To find out the best way to obtain credit for involvement in research, students should talk to their departmental adviser. Most often, this is offered in the form of a 499 course (e.g., Psych 499, Bioen 499, and CHID 499) and can be applied toward requirements for your major. Additionally, if the student is involved in research with another department, they may ask if they can earn credit through that department.

Alternatively, if they are not yet in a major, they may earn credit through General Studies 391. In most cases, students work with their faculty mentor to identify an academic project and can earn 1 credit for every 30 hours of research completed per quarter, pending the faculty mentor’s approval. The application to enroll in GEN ST 391 is available for students on the UW General Studies website. More information about this option is available from Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising.