Title IX

Seeking support & resources

Support and help are available to every member of the UW community, at all campuses and locations, whether or not an investigation is requested or a formal complaint is submitted.

The Know Your Rights & Resources guide is intended for any member of the University community who has experienced sexual assault, stalking, relationship or intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct. The guide provides important information on resources and reporting options so that individuals can decide what feels right for their situation. Colleagues and friends of those who have experienced harm may also find the guide useful.

Know Your Rights & Resources introduces campus resources, such as:

Confidential advocates: available to all students and employees during regular University business hours at no cost. Confidential advocates have legally protected confidentiality and share information with others when given express permission by the person who has experienced the harm or when required by law.

SafeCampus: provides consultation and support when you have safety and well-being concerns for yourself or others, including concerns about unwelcome conduct or gender-based violence. You can contact SafeCampus anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 206.685.7233 or safecampus@uw.edu

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator: assists any member of the University community with concerns or inquiries regarding sexual misconduct or sex- or gender discrimination. SafeCampus and the Title IX Coordinator strive to safeguard the privacy of individuals who have been impacted by sexual misconduct, but their staff does not have legally protected confidentiality.

The guide is available in two forms:

  • The first has live links to information about campus and community resources
  • The second is a text-only version

For additional information specific to sexual assault, please visit UW Sexual Assault Resources.