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Resolution Options

After a report has been made to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator, a Title IX case manager will reach out to provide support resources and explain formal and informal resolution options. Title IX case managers are available to ensure each report receives an appropriate and supportive response and that individuals can make informed decisions based on accurate and complete information. Title IX case managers will be available as a point of contact throughout the resolution process to answer questions, provide updates, and coordinate communications.

If you are seeking confidential support and have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, or stalking, UW confidential advocates are available. Reach out to an advocate to learn more about their services and schedule a meeting.

Supportive Measures

Supportive measures are non-disciplinary, non-punitive, individualized support available to individuals who may have experienced sex- or gender-based violence, harassment, or discrimination. Supportive measures are intended to restore or preserve equal access to education programs, activities, and work environments. It is not necessary to file a formal complaint to access supportive measures.

Formal Complaint

A formal complaint is a request for a University investigation that may result in disciplinary action. An investigation is an impartial process that includes gathering facts to determine whether the evidence supports a finding of a policy violation. The process involves interviews of parties and others who may have relevant information. In some cases, an investigation involves a hearing. If it is determined that a policy violation (or other inappropriate behavior by employees) has occurred, disciplinary/corrective action is taken to address the situation.

To submit a formal complaint, schedule an intake with the Investigation Office. The Office of the Title IX Coordinator can connect you with the Investigations Office or you can contact the Investigations Office directly.

Alternative Resolution

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator is currently developing an alternative resolution pathway for student complaints of sex- or gender-based violence, harassment, or discrimination. More information will be available when the program is in place. In the meantime, the Title IX Office can provide information about and assist with implementing supportive measures. Educational and informal discussions with students or employees about whom concerns have been raised may also be an option depending upon the circumstances and what has been reported.



A complaint may be submitted by the person who experienced the misconduct or by the Title IX Coordinator.

If the University receives a formal complaint requesting an investigation, you will be notified in writing of the allegations and information about the investigation process. If informal resolution options are available, you will also be informed about those. 

If you have experienced sex- or gender-based violence, harassment, or discrimination, resources and support options are available to you. The Know Your Rights & Resources guide also contains much of this information.

If you have been named as a respondent in a University investigation, you can access help understanding your rights and navigating the process.