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Training for Title IX personnel

Onboarding for new staff includes a thorough review of UW policies and procedures, a review of relevant documents and files, ongoing consultation with supervisors and colleagues, and training on technology and record-keeping systems. Personnel also regularly attend webinars and conferences relevant to their specific role and experience. Additional training activities, prior to August 14, 2020, are listed below. As required by the Department of Education’s federal regulations, information about training conducted after August 14, 2020 will be posted on this website.

Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator:

  • Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Title IX Coordinator & Administrator Level One Certification (June and July 2020)
  • Department of Education Office for Civil Rights: An introduction to the new regulations (May 2020)
  • D. Stafford & Associates: Title IX Coordinator/Investigator Certification (October 2018)


  • Title IX Education Specialists: Washington Title IX Investigator Training (July 2019)
  • Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Civil Rights Investigator Level One Certification (February 2020) and Level Three Certification (May 2019)
  • National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA): Credibility and Investigations (September 2018); Higher Education Discrimination Law (April 2019)
  • Self-guided training for UW investigators of sexual misconduct allegations. Content includes information about the 2020 Department of Education federal regulations, including definitions, jurisdiction, investigator obligations, and how to assess formal complaints, conduct an investigation, and evaluate evidence.

Hearing Officer:

  • T9 Mastered: Training for Hearing Officers (March 2020); Conducting Remote Hearings (May 2020)
  • Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Hearing Officer and Decision-maker Certification (June 2019)
  • Title IX Education Specialists: Respondent Rights and Equity (March 2019)

Review (Appeal) Officers:

Self-guided training for hearing and review officers (decision makers) in student conduct proceedings. Content includes general information about the 2020 Department of Education federal regulations as well as how to avoid bias, conflicts of interest, and prejudgment of facts, evaluate evidence, assess credibility, and conduct hearings or appeals.

Title IX Process Partners:

Video overview of UW’s implementation of the 2020 Department of Education federal regulations. Content includes the 2-phase implementation strategy, communication plan, training, record-keeping, officials required to report, supportive measures, formal complaints, definitions of prohibited conduct, federal criteria & jurisdiction, and the federal regulations grievance process.