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Faculty & Staff Resources

Staff, faculty, and other academic personnel play an important role in creating respectful and inclusive environments that do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Creating respectful academic environments

If you interact with students in a laboratory, clinical, classroom, or library setting, you have the opportunity to proactively establish respectful learning environments. Taking preventative actions can increase students’ ability to engage, decrease the likelihood that sex- and gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination will occur, and establish guidelines for how you will respond if it does occur. Here are some suggestions.

  • Share your expectations for online and in-person interaction norms.
  • Inform students how you will be addressing harassing behavior and harmful comments.
  • Prepare some phrases ahead of time, so you can quickly address hurtful or ignorant comments that arise during class discussions, small group work, clinical rotations, or lab meetings.
  • Remind students they can come to you if something happens that impacts their ability to fully participate in the academic environment.

  • Share UW resource information at the beginning of the quarter and highlight specific resources throughout your time together.
  • Include the Title IX syllabus statement in your syllabus and resource documents.
  • Provide information about the content you will be presenting so students can prepare themselves if you will be reviewing information regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, or sexual exploitation.
  • When creating your course or designing student experiences, think about ways evaluative assignments or engagement expectations could be modified if a student or a confidential advocate on behalf of a student requests a supportive measure related to a traumatic experience.

Syllabus statement

Include the Title IX syllabus statement about support and reporting options on your course syllabus.

Title IX notice

Post this required Title IX public notice on admissions websites, hiring websites, and other onboarding and recruiting locations.

Employee reporting & supporting

Be prepared to respond with care if you have received a disclosure of sex- or gender-based violence, harassment, or discrimination. Learn more about employee reporting expectations based on your role.

Officials Required to Report

Learn about your specific obligations and responsibilities if you have been notified by the Office of the Title IX Coordinator that you are an Official Required to Report.