Office of the Title IX Coordinator

Title IX course compliance for unit heads

Information for unit heads, administrators, and managers who are ensuring employee course completion compliance.

New employee course completion expectations
  • New employees are individuals who have not worked at UW within the preceding 12 months.
  • New employees must complete the course within 30 days of their hire date.
  • The employee course launched on October 1, 2021.

New employees will be notified of their obligation to complete the course via an email from the Office of the Title IX Coordinator. Units, departments, and human resources professionals should include information about completing the course in their onboarding and orientation materials.

Existing employee course completion expectations
  • Existing employees will be assigned the course according to the unit-by-unit assignment schedule.
  • When existing employees are assigned the course, they will be notified of their obligation to complete the course via an email from the Office of the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Existing employees can complete the course sooner if they choose to do so.
Unit head oversight

Unit heads are responsible for ensuring employee compliance with the course requirement. Employees include all faculty, other academic personnel, staff, and student employees. Unit heads are not responsible for (non-employee) student compliance.

Unit heads and supervisors should:

  • Communicate the Title IX course requirement to new employees in appointment letters and onboarding materials.
  • Approve the use of work time for employees to complete the course.
  • Remind employees of the requirement and timeframe for compliance via internal communications.
  • Address non-compliance through appropriate mechanisms based on employee role. See below for examples.
Tools for the existing employee rollout

Unit assignment schedule

Unit head checklist

Communication template for unit heads

Chairs, Managers, & Supervisors’ Guide

Unit Head FAQs

If an employee does not comply with the requirement to complete the course, what action can be taken?

Unit heads should initially implement follow-up communications and activities to address employee non-compliance.

If follow-up communications are not successful a unit head or designee may:

  • Implement corrective action in accordance with the employee’s classification or job title
  • Document the non-compliance in performance or promotional reviews
  • Implement other actions or outcomes such that the employee:
    • May become ineligible for compensation increases, promotion, and/or re-appointment
    • May become ineligible to supervise or advise students
    • May become ineligible to supervise full or part-time employees
    • May become ineligible for committee membership, leadership roles, and/or travel funds

Where do I access employee course completion records?

Unit heads and their designees can access employee course completion records via the BI portal. The portal includes completion and non-completion records for employees in every unit. The records can be exported, further organized, and sorted by the unit head or their designate(s).

Access to all reports available through the BI Portal will require you to be physically on campus or to connect to UW’s network via VPN (virtual private network) for off-campus access. Click this link to be taken to the report in the BI Portal: Title IX Employee Course Completion.

What information is available to employees about the course?

Employees can visit the Title IX employee course page to learn more about the course and their completion expectations.

I cannot access the online employee records, what should I do?

If you are a designee who does not currently have access to employee completion records, your unit head must send an email authorizing your access to

What if I do not see records for an employee who believes they completed the course?

Course completion records may take up to 24 hours to post into the BI Portal. If it has been more than 24 hours since the employee completed the course, you can email with your question about the specific course completion record.

How is a unit defined?

For the purposes of this project, a unit is a group of employees who all have the same 3-digit Financial Org Code. Reviewing the employee course unit assignment schedule may help you understand the structure of the UW units.

If you are a Unit head or designee, you can review a list of UW Financial Org Codes by viewing the UW Org Map.

What if I do not know the Org Code for my unit?

You can review a list of all UW financial Org Codes by viewing the UW Org Map.

Access to the UW Org Map is restricted to Unit heads and their designees. If you are a Unit head or designee, that can not access the UW Org Map please email

How do I submit feedback or questions about the course?

Please submit any feedback or questions about the course to