Title IX

The Office of the Title IX Coordinator

Valery Richardson, Title IX Coordinator
Mags Aleks, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Kiana Swearingen, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Education & Prevention
4311 11th Avenue NE, Suite 340
Seattle, WA   98105
206.221.7932 | titleix@uw.edu

Anyone may contact the Office of the Title IX Coordinator at any time about sex- and gender-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and other forms of sexual misconduct. Sex and gender discrimination impact individuals in different ways and can profoundly affect people of any gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability, citizenship status, or socioeconomic status. Anyone who has experienced these behaviors has the right to make a formal complaint to the University, a report to the police, to do both, or neither.

Students and employees have access to support measures and resources, whether or not they choose to make a formal complaint.

Responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator include:

  • Providing leadership to advance the University’s Title IX mission, vision, and strategic priorities
  • Providing information and assistance to individuals who wish to raise a complaint, or have concerns or questions regarding Title IX
  • Consulting and collaborating with a broad network of University partners, offices, and programs who in turn provide support, resources, and outreach on Title IX and gender equity matters and initiatives
  • Assisting University entities responsible for responding to and investigating Title IX complaints, including coordinating response to each complaint
  • Facilitating University-wide Title IX-related education and prevention
  • Monitoring and coordinating compliance with federal, state, and local laws, resolution agreements, and regulatory guidance related to Title IX and other laws that address sex and gender discrimination
  • Identifying and coordinating response to patterns or systemic issues relating to sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, or other Title IX and gender equity concerns