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Title IX Videos

UW is committed to providing safe, respectful, and inclusive learning and work environments. To support that commitment, the Office of the Title IX Coordinator has developed several brief videos to provide students, faculty, and staff with vital UW prevention and response information.

Responding with Care

This video provides information about how to respond to someone who discloses an experience of sex- and gender-based violence or harassment; it also provides ideas for connecting an individual to relevant support resources. Video length: 3.5 minutes.

Title IX & Employee Reporting Expectations

This video outlines the roles of three types of University of Washington employees – confidential employees, employees providing support, and Officials Required to Report – and what they can (or, in some cases, must) do when they learn of sex- and gender-based violence and harassment. Video length: 4 minutes.

Title IX & Officials Required to Report

This video explains who Officials Required to Report are and outlines what they must do when they learn about sex- and gender-based violence or harassment. Video length: 5 minutes.

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Credit: Videos were developed by Jonathan Beck and Kiana Swearingen in the Office of the Title IX Coordinator. The voice actors were Akhila Narayanan, Vincent Milay, Jeffrey L. Cheatham II, Disha Osika-Dass, Catherine May, Kao Nomura, and Nik Arnold.