Office of the Title IX Coordinator

Title IX student course

Husky Prevention & Response is a foundational, required online prevention and response course about sex- and gender-based violence and harassment.

At the University of Washington, we remain committed to fostering environments where you feel valued and supported and have the opportunity to learn and grow. As a UW student, you also have an important role to play in ensuring a respectful environment for your peers.

Throughout the course, the strategies offered are meant to create and support positive UW climates and endeavor to stop sex- and gender-based violence and harassment before they happen. The course includes tailored content based on your role as an undergraduate or graduate student.

After completing this course, students will have an enhanced ability to:
  • Contribute to respectful learning and social environments
  • Identify dynamics of healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and affirmative consent
  • Recognize sex- and gender-based violence and harassment
  • Intervene in situations where problematic behavior may be occurring
  • Respond empathetically when a peer discloses an experience of violence and harassment
  • Understand resources, reporting processes, and UW policies on sex- and gender-based violence and harassment
Access the student course here:

Husky Prevention & Response student course

Incoming students are assigned the course at the same time they learn of other UW requirements and activities such as orientation or vaccination requirements.

Student course completion expectations:

New freshman, transfer, graduate, and professional students at all UW campuses and locations are required to complete the course.

  • New students entering UW in 2021-23, must complete the course before the start of their first quarter of enrollment
  • Non-matriculated students including high school students, most certificate students, and students in non-degree offerings are exempt from this course requirement
  • Continuing students may access and complete the online course at any time, but are not currently required to complete the course

New students, beginning in the 2022-23 academic year, who do not complete the course may be unable to register for future quarters.

Course FAQs

Why is this course required?

UW takes sex- and gender-based violence and harassment very seriously and expects all students to do the same.

It is very likely you either know a survivor of sexual or relationship violence or will meet someone with that experience during your time at UW. We want to ensure you have the vital information you need to support that individual or seek support for yourself.

If I have taken other courses on this topic, do I still need to complete this course?

Yes, this course is specific to the University of Washington and contains information that every student needs. This course may build on the information you have learned in other courses.

How do I access the course?

Click the Husky Prevention & Response student course link to be directed to the course. You will need to be a current UW student and use your UW NetId to sign in to the course platform.

If you are experiencing any challenges accessing the course, please email This email is monitored Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm. We will attempt to reply within 24 hours.

Can I complete the course in sections?

Yes. It takes about 90 minutes to complete all the modules. The course is self-paced so completion time varies. You can complete one module at a time, and the program will save your progress. You can then return to complete additional modules at a future time.

What technology is needed to complete the course?

You can complete the course on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Your device must be connected to wi-fi or the internet.

Is the course accessible for individuals with disabilities?

All videos are captioned, and images have descriptions on them. There is an alternative version if individuals have low internet speed or need a different version for screen-readers. If you have course accessibility needs that are not met please contact

What if I am a student employee?

Student employees are able to access the student course and the employee course. If you are a new student in the academic years 2021-23 and were hired as a student employee, you will be required to complete the student and employee courses. The employee and student courses have unique information that is relevant to those respective roles.

The employee course contains a track for student employees. As of July 2022, the student employee track was abbreviated and now takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. The abbreviated student employee course presumes students completed the student version of the course and provides additional, relevant information for students now operating in an employment context.

What if the course is emotionally triggering?

The course was built to be trauma-informed, but it may bring up strong emotions for individuals who have experienced violence or harassment or recently supported someone impacted by violence or harassment.

If you would like to learn about alternative course completion options, contact It is not necessary to share personal details when you send an email regarding the alternative course option.

If you would like to seek support related to sex- and gender-based violence or harassment before completing the course, learn about options at the Survivor resources page.

How do I submit feedback or questions about the course?

Please submit any feedback or questions about the course to