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Completing Paperwork for Work Study

Is Work Study Appropriate For You?

Work Study may not be appropriate for all students. Some students, particularly those under the age of 16, may have restrictions on their ability to work. Other students might have personal, work, or school commitments, which prevent successful participation in the program.

To begin looking for a work study job, come in to the Work Study Office, 520 Schmitz Hall, for job referral information. You will be given a Job Referral Form and instructions for finding a job (job listings will be available in the office and on-line). Tacoma and Bothell students may pick up job referral forms at the financial aid/scholarship office at each campus. Job referrals begin after Labor Day each year for Fall-Winter-Spring (or June for summer students). See Finding a Job for details.

If you do not wish to participate in the Work Study program or you do not feel you can earn the amount you have been awarded, the Office of Student Financial Aid will consider requests to replace a Work Study award with eligibility for loans. You may also request a reduction of your Work Study award and a partial replacement with eligibility for loans. Be sure to provide the reason you are unable to use your Work Study award in your request. Bear in mind that some employers are reluctant to hire students with small awards, as those students are unable to commit enough time to their jobs. Also, increased educational loan indebtedness may create a burden after graduation.

Completing Paperwork for Work Study

The amount of Work Study shown on your award letter represents the total (gross) amount of money you can earn under the program and the period of the award. If you wish to change the amount of your award, you may download a Revision Request Form or see a financial aid counselor. You may work up to 19 hours per week to earn the amount listed on your award letter. Pay rates are the same as for comparable, non-Work Study jobs. No job pays less than the prevailing minimum wage. Work Study income is taxable (but not counted against future aid eligibility).

If offered Full-time Summer Work Study, you are expected to work full-time, and not enroll in classes, from July 1 until the beginning of Autumn Quarter. You also will be expected to save a specific portion of your summer earnings for academic year expenses. The Full-time Summer Work Study award letter, sent separately, gives more detailed information. Job listings will be available in June. Call (206) 685-1985 after you receive your Full-time Summer Work Study award letter to arrange a time to look through them.