Student Financial Aid

Appeals and special circumstances

You may submit an appeal to our office for specific circumstances.  Your appeal will be reviewed by our appeals committees and you will be notified generally within 3 weeks.

  • Exclusion of stepparent contribution
    Dependent students must provide parental information to be considered for financial aid. Stepparent information is required for the FAFSA. If you believe that a contribution should not be computed from your stepparent and you can demonstrate that you and your stepparent have not been part of the same family unit, you may contact our office to discuss requesting an adjustment.
  • Marital update for dependent student
    If you originally filed your FAFSA with parent data but have since then become married, please contact our office to determine if it is appropriate to use your spouse’s information in determining your eligibility for financial aid rather than your parent’s information.
  • Priority appeal
    If you submitted your FAFSA after January 15, you may appeal to meet the priority date based on extraordinary circumstances.
  • Satisfactory academic progress appeal
    If you did not meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements because you had special circumstances you may file an appeal with our office. You will need to demonstrate unusual circumstances beyond your control that are not likely to recur in the immediate future. You will need to explain what has changed in your situation so that you will now be able to make academic progress. If approved, you will need to meet the requirements of an individual academic plan to continue to receive financial aid.