The University of Washington has created Money Management to provide helpful tools and tips to assist and build student financial wellbeing. These pages include general guidance, as well as information specific for all Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma students.

W Located on Rainier Vista. Photo by Dennis Wise.

Paying for school

There are many ways to pay for your college education. Explore the types of financial aid, how to receive aid, find a part-time job, and set up your direct deposit account.

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A student on his laptop in Paccar Hall. Photo by Dennis Wise.

Building a budget

Calculate your estimated cost of attendance compared to your financial aid award, income, and expected family contribution to create a budget that’s right for you.

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Hard rain comes down on the University of Washington, Seattle campus. February 18th, 2014. Photo by Katherine B. Turner

Saving for a rainy day

Explore money saving tips and tricks for everything from housing to food to entertainment and travel. Campus-specific information is also included.

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Credit cards, scores & reports

Learn about the benefits and cautionary pitfalls of having a credit card, plus how to build credit and what hurts your credit score.

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