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Requesting Changes to Your Award

We recognize you may have a change in circumstances or special expenses that may affect your ability to afford to go to school. Please contact our office or download a copy of the Revision Request for Change in Financial Situation or Revision Request for Additional Expenses (see below) and follow the directions for describing and documenting your request. Our ability to respond depends on the funds available when your request is reviewed. You will receive a revised award letter and/or a mailed response from our office, indicating the outcome of your request.

  • Change in kind of aid
    We assume everyone wants as much grant and scholarship money as possible. Your award reflects your "fair share" of the limited gift aid we have available. Within limits, however, you may be able to trade between loan and work. Students awarded a Federal Perkins Loan may be eligible for Work Study, and vice versa. Students offered Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans may not have priority for Work Study (based on relative need), but may replace the recommended loan amount with income from a non-Work Study job. You may request a change online when accepting your award, or write us a note.

  • Additional expenses
    We may be able to increase your "budget" for additional childcare, health care, transportation, book and supply costs or purchasing a computer. If funds are available, we will increase your award to help cover them. Our response depends on whether: 1) the expenses are educationally related and beyond your control; 2) they are greater than the amount already in your budget for such costs; 3) you will incur them during the award year (October-June); and 4) they are adequately documented in your Revision Request. Usually additional expenses are funded with "self-help" aid (loan or work; usually, Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loan). Submit your Revision Request for Additional Expenses and/or documentation of costs as soon as you know about your extra costs.

  • Student's Contribution
    If you are not able to make the expected contribution or if you no longer have the earnings, benefits, or other support you reported, explain on the Revision Request for Change in Financial Situation. We will re-assess your eligibility for aid based on your new financial situation.