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October 13, 2020

Autumn Resources & Opportunities (Vol.2) – Husky Pawket Guide

Hi Huskies,

I hope you’re settling into autumn quarter as best you can. I want to thank all of you for your resilience and your patience with your instructors and with each other as we all adapt to these strangest of times.

I also want to thank the many of you who are doing your part to help keep our UW community safe amidst COVID by being smart about wearing a mask, getting tested, and practicing responsible distancing.

It will continue to take all of us, starting with you, to maintain norms of safe and responsible behavior. I again thank the majority of you who are already doing this, and I ask you to reinforce this behavior among your friends and communities.


  1. COVID health and safety
  2. Connecting with community
  3. Your role in Election 2020
  4. Mental health moment
  5. Career and internships
  6. Helpful resources

1. COVID health and safety

We’ve seen some localized COVID outbreaks among students.

  • As a reminder, please limit gatherings to outdoors and a maximum of FIVE masked, physically distanced people per week, even if you live in the same residence.

Testing will help you stay vigilant about your own health, and will establish a better understanding of COVID levels across UW.

Navigating social situations is tricky in the COVID era. 

  • People have different comfort levels with meeting in person, and some are ignoring public health guidance.

UW students with UW LiveWell built the COVID Convos toolkit to help you practice and promote responsible hang time.


Healthy Huskies vending machines

Vending machines with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and more are now on campus (Magnuson Health Sciences Center, the HUB, the IMA, South Campus Center, Local Point, and Center Table). All accept credit cards and Husky Card.

Learn More


If you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and  follow the instructions for what to do if you feel sick.

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2. Connecting with community

UW offers a range of activities that are not only fun, they’re a great way to strengthen bonds and form new ones.

UW Recreation is offering a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities to stay healthy, have fun with friends, and meet new people.

The UW Rec Class Pass gives access to 40 fitness, mindfulness, and UWild classes.

  • It’s free for UW students.
  • Many classes are both in-person and online.

The Great Husky Race from UW LiveWell is a great way to get out and get moving with Huskies you know and friends-to-be.

  • Join with friends or make new ones — try signing up solo to be assigned to a team!

The Race is already on — sign up ASAP.


The HUB’s Student Events & Activities page highlights opportunities to connect with other Huskies.

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3. Your role in Election 2020

Coming up quick: Election Day is November 3. Be sure your voice is counted as we determine the next U.S. president and many other elected officials.

3-week-out checklist (do these today):

Register to vote (or check to confirm you’re registered) — you won’t be able to vote until you register (2 minutes).


That’s 3 weeks from today.

Check out Huskies Vote to get started and learn more.

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4. Mental health moment

Now is a good time to be proactive about your mental health. Explore UW’s range of resources and support services available to students:


If you feel overwhelmed, concerned about a friend, or you’re not sure what you need but you’d like to talk, take a few minutes to connect with us: call 206-543-1240, or explore mental health and counseling support at UW.

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5. Career and internships

There are still jobs and internships out there, and it’s as important as ever to build your skills, experience, and network. Here are a few things you may want to check out:

Job/internship postings (undergrad):

Job/internship postings (graduate):

LinkedIn Learning courses available to you now:


Good with kids?

UW Child Care Connections connects UW students interested in providing child care or learning support to UW employees and graduate students who need caregiving support.

Learn More




The Career & Internship Center is here to support you with guidance and resources, including Handshake, UW’s online job and internship database.

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6. Helpful resources

Help with accessing laptops and WiFi is available to UW students.

Academic Success Coaching helps UW students with effective study strategies, time management, setting/achieving goals, motivation, and finding campus resources.

A sleep guide for Huskies: Goodnight Huskies is a booklet from UW LiveWell that you can use to help increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

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