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Transfer Prep Program

STEM degree and career support

The MESA Transfer Prep Program cultivates a transformative environment for students, helping them prepare for and advance in STEM careers.

This program aims to increase the number of college students from historically underrepresented communities who transfer to four-year universities and go on to earn STEM degrees. This includes women and people who are Black, Indigenous, Latino/Hispanic or Native Hawaiian/Pacific islanders. To achieve this, we partner with two- and four-year colleges to provide an environment of support through workshops, dedicated MESA study centers, and career and professional development.

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The Transfer Prep Program includes:

Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs): Certain “gatekeeper” courses are notorious for keeping historically underrepresented students from pursuing STEM degrees. AEWs provide support tailored to those courses.

On-site directors: Each institution that is part of Washington MESA has an on-site director who serves as a local and accessible contact for students and parents.

STEM orientation course: Students who complete this course gain a deep understanding of the industries that make up STEM and how to plan their own academic path to support their career development.

Tailored advising: MESA-trained advisors help students navigate the transfer process and pursue STEM degrees.

Study center: Each Washington MESA program center has a dedicated study center for participating students, giving them a place to gather, learn and build community.

Career & professional development: Through connections with industry mentors, university visits, internships, workshops, research opportunities and connections to UW’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), students are well positioned with the skills and experience to enter STEM careers.