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Graduate School Preparatory Services

Early Identification Program

About EIP

Early Identification Program (EIP) is an Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD) support program with the mission of increasing awareness of graduate school for OMAD students. The goal is to increase the number of students attending graduate school and enhance the likelihood of finding financial resources for and being admitted into a graduate program. EIP primarily supports students interested in Masters and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree pathways.

Through workshops and outreach, GSPS staff engage with undergraduate students affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity to support learning about graduate school, what it is, and how it can benefit educational or career interests.

EIP Mission

A thriving economic and social future requires a commitment to making advanced educational opportunities available to all individuals, especially those facing obstacles in our educational system. In response to that need, the University of Washington’s Early Identification Program for Graduate and Professional Studies encourages and assists undergraduates from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to enter graduate school.

Our goal is to promote diversity in academia and the professions, which will enrich research and policy programs and ultimately represent the entire spectrum of American people.


We offer a variety of services and resources designed to enable EIP students to enhance their undergraduate experience, explore various career options at the graduate level, and prepare for successful admission to and completion of graduate or professional school. We emphasize undergraduate research opportunities, which will benefit students regardless of which graduate or professional path they choose to pursue.


EIP is an outreach service for OMAD programs and student groups and GSPS staff are available to provide workshops for OMAD affiliated students. Please contact the GSPS team to discuss availability and options or a workshop or classroom visit.

Workshop Examples:

  1. What is graduate school?
  2. How to fund graduate school.
  3. Preparing for graduate school applications.


GSPS advising is available to OMAD students to support learning about graduate school and how to prepare for and apply to graduate programs. GSPS staff are able to provide a limited number of advising appointments and will also help refer students to appropriate UW and OMAD services.

We accept appointments Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. To schedule an advising appointment, use the contact form on this website. To leave a voice mail, call (206) 543-6460. Emails and phone calls will be returned within 48 hours (during the business week).

GEG Symposium

The Annual Gabriel E. Gallardo Research, Student Leadership & Advocacy Symposium, which takes place in April, is one of the primary ways for EIP to provide professional development opportunities, workshops, and access to a Graduate Fair that is regularly attended by over 75 Graduate programs from around the country.

EIP Scholars

Launching Spring Quarter 2024