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Meet Ghana Blogger Ariel Davis

by Ariel Davis

Ariel Davis head shotMy name is Ariel Davis, and I’m currently a senior at University of Washington. I’m a young 22 year-old who loves adventure and experiencing new things. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and attended John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. I have been studying politics, philosophy and economics at UW. It’s been amazing. It forces me to think analytically while focusing on real international issues. My undergrad experience is helping me pursue my desire to attend law school. My generation has been thrust into a world that is globally connected and what better way to engage fully in that current way of living then to study abroad. Ghana has always fascinated me because it prompted the advancement of civil rights. I believe that any one country that can break out of the generational pain of being colonized should be recognized. My hope is that I can feel that strength. I have traveled to many countries simply for exploration, but this trip is personal. It’s time for me to grow, it’s time for me to acknowledge my roots as an African American woman, it’s time for me to enrich the lives of others, and it’s time for change. New beginnings will happen in Ghana…I feel it.

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