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Bridgetown Market in Barbados

by Krista C. DeFils (written on July 30)

Today was the first day of the Bridgetown Market at Spring Gardens so almost all of us headed down to attend the festivities! It was a beautiful day and the market went on for about a mile (if I had to give a rough estimate). There were booths or jewelry, other arts and crafts, paintings, plants, flowers, toys, Barbados-themed paraphernalia, and food and drink stands of course.

We walked down to the beach part of the market and it was gorgeous since it was right around sunset. There were horses there and I paid $5 Bajan ($2.50 U.S.) to ride one!

After the market we headed back to UWI to rest up for “Ten to Ten” which is a concert with a wide array of musical performances from all of the year’s most famous Soca artists. Did I mention it’s called “Ten to Ten” because it goes from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m.? Our friend Trent, who goes to UWI, showed up and he brought me backstage where I was able to watch the bulk of the show from there and even meet some of the artists! By the time the concert ended the sun had risen, it was another great night in Barbados!

Here are some videos from the festivities:

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