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Barbados Week 1 – Part II

by Chasmon Tarimel (written on July 26)

Harrison’s Cave

Our excursions the first week were amazing! We toured around the island and saw many sites, old sites that trace back to the 18th century. Seeing the beautiful waters riding on the coast was exhilarating and an opportunity of a lifetime. Our very first stop was Harrison’s Cave. Again, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never been to a cave before. I was thinking that we were going to be walking through a cave or something like that, but we were riding carts. We had lunch, took pictures, bought some cameras and gifts at the shop, and headed our way to the caves. The caves were everything beyond your imagination. You would never think anything as beautiful and amazing as these caves would ever exist. As the cart was driving us around the path of the caves, Mother Nature blew our minds with the formation of these rocks. The rock formations looked like a community of statues, a village as they would call it. Throughout the cave, water is running through like rivers, contributing to the rocks’ formation, through erosion making it beautiful. Though it takes many years to produce these caves, Mother Nature has taught us that great things take time. I will never forget this experience.

The food here is DELICIOUS! Ever eat macaroni pie? Well it’s their version of our Macaroni and cheese, but Bajan style! We have had cafeteria food everyday and though it’s not bad, we looked forward to trying the different authentic foods of Barbados when we travel to the different restaurants. Just Grilling is one of the restaurants we have had frequently. From Jerk chicken, to grilled fish and shrimp, they put their own style of seasoning that just makes it better. YUM! And also, a spicy hot sauce too that gives your food a kick. Life is good!

I’m having the time of life here in Barbados! That kind of sums of Barbados Week 1 in a nutshell, but I have many more experiences and stories to share! Barbados is nothing like imagined, its better, and words cannot express the right things to say. It’s MIND BLOWING! I hope that one day, everyone will experience what I or any of my classmates here with me have. You will be amazed.

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