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Checking In From Barbados

by Krista C. DeFils (written on July 16)

“This is the first thing I see when I wake up every morning”

Today was a free day so we went to the beach again of course! There are so many beaches to choose from in Barbados and each offer their own unique vibe and beauty. We decided to start at Paradise Beach near UWI (University of West Indies-Cave Hill Campus) where we are staying in the dorms and then walk down the beach until we got to Brandon’s Beach. We swam for a while and talked about how grateful we were to have this amazing experience and how we would give our left legs to have beaches like this in Seattle. After working up an appetite, we went to Jordan’s Market to get groceries because although the cafeteria here (with the help of IPE $) are giving us three square meals, they aren’t open on weekends.

Over the weekend and this next week there have been cricket tournaments, so youth from different islands all over the Caribbean came to compete. Cricket to the Caribbean is like football or basketball to us in the U.S; meaning it’s kind of like a big deal! Here in our dorms, the University of Washington students occupy most of the building we’re staying in called Sherlock Hall. However this past week we’ve been joined by a cricket team from Trinidad who were here to compete against other talented teens. Some of us made friends with them, there were around ages 14-18 but had no shyness talking (or flirting) with us! They were the defending champions last year but this year unfortunately they lost in the championship.

To find out more about UWI visit this web site.

“A few of us chilling in the water”
“Practicing my Tyra Banks poses!”
“Watching a cricket match”
“Our dorm – Sherlock Hall”

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