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UW solar eclipse experts

Due to limited availability of our solar eclipse experts, please contact the UW News office directly for immediate assistance in locating an expert.


Ana Larson
Senior lecturer, Astronomy
Director, UW’s Theodor Jacobsen Observatory
anamunn@uw.edu | 206-685-7856
Expertise: : Why an eclipse happens, why it is rare, what coverage will be for Seattle, eye protection.

Robert Winglee
Professor, Earth & Space Sciences
winglee@uw.edu |206-685-8160
Expertise: Observing astronomical phenomena. During the eclipse he, Erika Harnett and several students will release observational balloons in Warm Springs, Ore., as part of the NASA-funded Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline project.

Alice Few
Data analyst, UW Tacoma
Member, Tacoma Astronomical Society
few@uw.edu | Twitter: @justafewtoo
Expertise: Giving public talks on how eclipses work and how to create tools to view the eclipse safely, and can provide a preview of what the eclipse might look like the morning of Aug. 21.

Nicole Silvestri Kelly
Lecturer, Astronomy
nms21@uw.edu | 206-543-9430
Expertise: Undergraduate astronomy education, online learning.

Joey Shapiro Key
Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences (UW Bothell)
joeykey@uw.edu | 425-352-5497
Expertise: Current and historical scientific importance of eclipse observations. She and several UW Bothell students will join the Williams College eclipse team in Salem, Oregon for the eclipse.

Viewing Conditions

Cliff Mass
Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
cmass@uw.edu | 206-685-0910
Expertise: Has written blog posts about the weather forecasts and likely conditions for different locations during the eclipse.

Nick Bond
Associate professor, Atmospheric Sciences
Washington’s State Climatologist
nab3met@uw.edu | 206-526-6459
Expertise: How marine systems affect weather over land. As state climatologist, can also comment on historical weather for Washington state, Oregon and Idaho.

Karin Bumbaco
Assistant State Climatologist
kbumbaco@uw.edu | 206-543-3145
Expertise: Washington weather trends in the context of historical data. Historical weather data for Washington state, Oregon and Idaho.

Health and Safety

Dr. Russell Van Gelder
Professor, Ophthalmology
Director, UW Medicine Eye Institute and Clinical Spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology
russvg@uw.edu | 206-543-7250
Expertise: Eye health, eye safety