University Marketing & Communications

Campus partners

These university partners can help complete your marketing or communications project.

Classroom Technology & Events

Provides comprehensive classroom media support and services, including a full range of audio and video expertise and new technologies for improved presentations. (Formerly Classroom Support Services.)
| Email | 206-543-9900

Creative + Communications

Can help you plan and produce print and digital communications from design through mailing and distribution.
Website | Email | 206-543-5680

Mailing Services provides collection, processing, and distribution of internal campus mail, as well as incoming and outgoing U.S. Postal Service mail. Mailing Services can often give you a postage discount on bulk mailings if you plan your project in advance.
Website | Email | 206-543-5680

Copy Services can help you with larger copy jobs and with jobs where a laser printer does not have the capacity to print the size or colors that you are using. You can digitally send your job from desktop to duplication at one of 11 conveniently located copy centers and have the job delivered to you upon completion.
Website | Email | 206-543-5680

The Creative Consultants Network (CCN) is a pool of more than 160 communication consultants, including independent Web and print designers, writers, editors, illustrators and photographers. The CCN list, managed by Creative + Communications, contains pre-qualified, contracted consultants, eliminating the need to go through standard purchasing procedures to contract or release payment for these professionals. This means no bidding process is necessary, no matter the cost of the consultant. UW C+C also maintains an extensive resume package and previous experience summary for each consultant, making the CCN easy to browse based on your project needs.
Website | Email | 206-543-5680

Special Collections

Houses images dating back to the original downtown campus. They have historic postcards, photos of Seattle and numerous other resources. Special Collections has a very strict usage policy, so be sure to contact the office well in advance of your event date or publication mail-drop date.
Website | Email | 206-543-1929

The Daily

The University of Washington student newspaper and the second-largest daily newspaper in the Seattle area. They also retain a large image library.
Website | Contacts

Trademarks & Licensing

Is responsible for promoting and protecting the use of UW-licensed marks. And is a great resource for producing merchandise or apparel.
Website | Email | 206-685-8600

UW Creative

An on-campus visual studio that offers services such as graphic design, Web design, illustration and photography.
Website | Email | 206-616-6827 is an on-campus, large-format poster print shop that specializes in printing custom posters on a variety of materials, small- and large-scale mounting and laminating, and display systems.
Website | Email | 206-543-9275

UW Office of News & Information

Has an extensive archive collection of UW photography and generates UW-related news releases on a daily basis. Also manages content on UW Today and Faculty & Staff Insider.
Website | Email | 206-543-2580

UW Video

Provides video production services, including web-ready videos, live lecture and event streaming and satellite interview transmissions. Also maintains an extensive library of b-roll and audio tracks.
Website | Email | 206-685-1311