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September 25, 2019

Student Stories: Catarina Ratajczak

2019 Husky 100 Catarina Ratajczak

Catarina Ratajczak Gig Harbor, WA B.A., Community, Environment & Planning Year awarded 2019 My advisor, Megan Herzog, nominated me. I was honored, and thought it would be worth a shot to apply! Husky 100 means that my work is not overlooked, but rather seen. It reminds me that the UW cares about me achieving my…

September 18, 2019

Student Stories: Bao Nguyen

2019 Husky 100 Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen Tacoma, WA B.S., Biology (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental) Year awarded 2019 I never thought about applying to the Husky 100 until I received a nomination from my lab manager, Katie. Through nominating me, she not only helped me recognize my potential before I could do so myself; she also prompted me to critically…

September 11, 2019

Student Stories: Erin Cote

2019 Husky 100 Erin Cote

Erin Cote Sammamish, WA M.A., Museology Year awarded 2019 Why did you apply for the Husky 100? I wanted to apply because I have been a Husky for a long time. I was an undergrad here studying Biology and Linguistics. I was really excited to get the chance to come back to UW for my…

August 27, 2019

Student Stories: Anny Smith

2019 Husky 100 Anny Smith

Anny Smith Sunnyside, WA B.A., Health Studies Minor in Health Education and Promotion and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Year awarded 2019 Why did you apply for the Husky 100? I was encouraged by my professors, which gave me the confidence to apply. What does being a Husky 100 mean to you throughout your journey…

August 26, 2019

Student Stories: Wesley K. Tatum

2019 Husky 100 Wes Tatum

Wesley K. Tatum Vancouver, WA Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering (Materials Engineering), Data Science Concentration Year awarded 2019 To me, the Husky 100 acknowledges that the UW has changed, if only a little, by my work and that the community I’ve poured my time, effort, and passion into appreciates it. The Husky 100 is a…

August 21, 2019

Student Stories: Shaarika Kaul

2019 Husky 100 Shaarika Kaul

Shaarika Kaul Mercer Island, WA B.S., Informatics (Data Science), B.A., Communication, Minor in Entrepreneurship Year awarded 2019 Why did you apply for the Husky 100? I honestly just wanted to share my story. My path to where I am now was windy and unconventional in many ways, and I wanted other students to know that…

August 14, 2019

Student Stories: Mira Farrow

2019 Husky 100 Mira Farrow

Mira Farrow Seattle, WA M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies: Community & Social Change Year awarded 2019 Why did you apply for the Husky 100? To be honest, because my number one advisor Karin Dalesky nominated me. What does being a Husky 100 mean to you throughout your journey at UW? It is validation for the hard work…

August 7, 2019

Student Stories: Kamaka’ike Bruecher

Kamaka’ike Bruecher Seattle, WA B.A., Public Health, Anthropology: Medical Anthropology & Global Health Year awarded 2018 To me, the Husky 100 is a way to highlight the many stories at UW and the different students that make our campus unique. For students whose stories are less seen or whose communities are invisible, this can be…

July 31, 2019

Student Stories: Daisy Zavala-Flores

Daisy Zavala-Flores

Daisy Zavala-Flores Santa Cruz, CA B.S., Materials Science & Engineering Year awarded 2019 My experience at UW was transformative in the sense that I followed what interested me, which led me to where I am today. I applied to Husky 100 as a tribute to myself, my accomplishments and as a reflection of where I…

July 25, 2019

Student Stories: Prithvi Shetty

2019 Husky 100 Prithvi Shetty

Prithvi Shetty Mumbai, India M.S., Information Management: Data Science Year awarded 2019 UW gave me a head start for applying Machine Learning through research work, which, throughout the two years of my student life, helped me realize my passion for Data Science. Along with academics, representing UW for E-sports (CS:GO) in 2018-19 helped me evolve…

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