Husky 100

June 3, 2019

Student Stories: Neha Chhabra

Neha Chhabra2019 Husky 100 Neha Chhabra

Lynnwood, WA
B.S. Biology, Chemistry

Year awarded 2019

Why did you apply for the Husky 100?

The application itself allowed me to reflect on my experiences at UW Bothell. Students at my institution in the past have been recognized for their hard work and efforts through this award, and I felt that my leadership skills and experiences on campus truly impacted other students’ lives by connecting them to their communities.

What does being a Husky 100 mean to you throughout your journey at UW?

The Husky 100 is not only an award, but a recognition of making the most of being a UW Student. It means that I can make connections with other alumni and feel more closely connected to the institution itself. With the work that I do on and off campus, it is difficult to see direct change or a shift in a community because change cannot happen overnight. With this award, I felt like all my efforts, which may at times feel minuscule, were well worth the time and energy.

What does being a Husky 100 mean to you and your communities?

To my organization that I have been closely involved with, the Husky 100 means that good is bound to come to anyone who takes advantage of the opportunities introduced to them. It means that there is only more involvement to grow from here.

Through your experience, how did you embody one of the Husky 100 criteria?

My Husky Experience allowed me to connect the dots between all of my trajectories and interests. As a pre-health student, students are not instructed on the demographics of patients they may interact with in their future. The needs of communities are not addressed. Through my work as an Achieving Community Transformation Service Chair, I was able to combine my knowledge of population demographics, areas that needs more resources and the needs of communities in conjunction with my pre-dental path. How can I connect the dots of the communities I’ve worked in and been exposed to see their needs and attend to their oral health?

How does the Husky 100 inspire other students?

Working closely with other students at UWB has allowed me to get to know individuals who are game-changers. They work so hard for what they do, and make huge impacts on campus. This award will recognize those students for their efforts towards making UWB a more inclusive, and involved campus and shy away from the stereotype of “commuter campus.”

Were there mentors or communities that were a part of your journey at UW?

The Department of Community Based Learning and Research.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Thank you for this recognition, I feel incredibly honored.