Husky 100

July 31, 2019

Student Stories: Daisy Zavala-Flores

Daisy Zavala-Flores

Santa Cruz, CADaisy Zavala-Flores
B.S., Materials Science & Engineering

Year awarded 2019

My experience at UW was transformative in the sense that I followed what interested me, which led me to where I am today. I applied to Husky 100 as a tribute to myself, my accomplishments and as a reflection of where I have been and where I am going.

My experiences at the UW have been led by my curiosity, and Husky 100 recognized how this defined my path to where I am today. I was able to be a part of multiple communities because the UW has access to so many opportunities.

I hope that my Husky 100 experience demonstrates that first generation college students, like myself, can pursue degrees that spark from their curiosity and interests, without needing to hold back.

I’ve had an incredibly unique college path to where I am, just following where my interests were, but also being able to contribute to the communities that I actively participated in. I never held back. 

College isn’t just about going to class and studying, there are so many experiences to gain outside the classroom, and I hope that members of the Husky 100 can inspire all UW students to take action in their communities and get involved.