Husky 100

August 25, 2020

Where are they Now: Karley Benoff

I recently graduated from the Masters program in Mechanical Engineering in June of 2020. During my program, I researched for the Department of Neurological Surgery within the UW Medical Center. I have accepted a job as a Product Design Engineer for Phillips in Bothell, WA and will begin working in August.

Recognition as a member of the Husky 100 during my senior year of undergrad at UW provided me the opportunity to seek advice for next steps, predominately related to pursuing graduate school or beginning my career. I believe the experience I have gained from academic research settings has allowed me to stay ready for what is next. However, I have also greatly appreciated the network of mentors I have connected with through Husky 100 and various networks within UW.

In my graduate research, I focused on developing new methods for locally delivering therapeutic drugs to the spinal cord after injury. My thesis advisor, Dr. Rajiv Saigal, a neurosurgeon and clinical researcher, provided critical perspective and helped me to explore the intersection of engineering and medicine.
My commitment to building an inclusive community has been a primary motivator for the opportunities I have pursued. In HuskyADAPT, a registered student organization I have been an officer in, we work with people in the community to tackle challenges in accessibility.

If I could share advice for future Husky 100 applicants, it would be to pursue activities that are more than just a way to build your resume; find things you are passionate about. UW has so many opportunities for growth, including getting involved in student clubs, research labs, or networks like the Husky 100. The key to accessing these resources is starting to explore early. I joined my first research lab as a freshman. However, now is always a good time to get involved!