Husky 100

September 4, 2020

Where are they Now: Bao Nguyen

2019 Husky 100 Bao NguyenSince the reception of the Husky 100 award in my junior year, I have continued to be involved with my past activities. I have been an intern for the past three quarters at UW Leadership without Borders. In Fall 2019, as an intern, I served as a Lead Mentor for Mentor Power For Success, a mentorship program for first-year minority students. In Winter 2020, I have been researching laws and systemic changes affecting undocumented students, especially DACA recipients.

I am also working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Kaeberlein Lab, UW Department of Pathology. In Fall 2019, I began working with a new mentor and switched my research focus. I am investigating whether short-chain fatty acids delay the onset of disease and extend lifespan in Ndufs4−/− mice, a model for human mitochondrial diseases. The project’s broader line of inquiry is about mechanisms of mitochondrial disease suppression by anti-aging treatments. With support from the Mary Gates Research Scholarship, I plan to continue my project throughout Spring 2020 remotely. I plan to present my research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. I have also applied to present at the American Aging Association (AGE)’s Annual Meeting in Wisconsin, June 2020.

Often, my effort and hard work feel like they are “going nowhere.” The Husky 100 Award was an important feedback, affirmation, and motivation, that what I do is meaningful, and that I can go farther. Additionally, members in the Husky 100 community are my role models and inspirations. I was able to see how individuals from diverse backgrounds find ways to succeed in their own way. I want to learn after them and make positive decisions in my own journey.

I owe a big thanks to my endorser and nominator, Katie Dickinson. She is a research scientist in the UW Department of Biology and was my lab manager when I served as a Biology CURE Peer Facilitator. She cares with all her heart for the students that she teaches and works with. She listened to my goals, encouraged me, and helped me find lab opportunities. This year, she gave me advice on graduate studies and helped me practice for my PhD interview.