Husky 100

July 25, 2019

Student Stories: Prithvi Shetty

Prithvi Shetty2019 Husky 100 Prithvi Shetty

Mumbai, India
M.S., Information Management: Data Science

Year awarded 2019

UW gave me a head start for applying Machine Learning through research work, which, throughout the two years of my student life, helped me realize my passion for Data Science. Along with academics, representing UW for E-sports (CS:GO) in 2018-19 helped me evolve my zeal for E-sports. While presiding over UW Umang, being in the student organization gave me a chance to promote diversity. I envision becoming a data scientist and advancing the scope of Data Science applications to not just technology but for medicine and social good.

I applied for the Husky 100 program because it was a good opportunity to portray through my research work that Data Science can be implemented to not just technology but also in the field of medicine and social good. As an international student from India, this award has motivated and given me a great platform to express my passion for Data Science.

The Husky 100 serves as an excellent platform for students to put out their stories leading to their passion out in the public which can serve as an inspiration for the rest of the students. I feel honored to be selected for the Husky 100 program and getting a chance to represent my MSIM cohort and the iSchool. I’m really grateful to all my professors, friends and family for being supportive throughout my time at UW.

I would like to thank Prof. Benjamin Althouse, Prof., Mike Doane, Prof. Reza Hosseini, Prof. Sean McGann and Prof. Linda Shapiro for helping me pursue research opportunities in Data Science.