Husky 100

August 7, 2019

Student Stories: Kamaka’ike Bruecher

Kamaka’ike Bruecherweb_Natalie Bruecher_2018_03_01_0035_edit

Seattle, WA
B.A., Public Health, Anthropology: Medical Anthropology & Global Health

Year awarded 2018

To me, the Husky 100 is a way to highlight the many stories at UW and the different students that make our campus unique. For students whose stories are less seen or whose communities are invisible, this can be a great way to highlight not just our own personal journeys but the collective journeys of all the spaces and communities we are involved with. Husky 100 means pride, visibility, and celebration of those who make the most of their Husky Experience. Visibility is important in such a big school because there are so many stories to tell and Husky 100 can help show other students that there are students like them, thriving and building their own paths, making the most of what UW has to offer.

The criterion I connect the most with is Connect the Dots, because my educational journey is not just about the classroom, it is about my family and community as well. I have been able to connect the many places I learn from and thrive within through undergraduate research, registered student organizations, study abroad, and community events both on and off campus. I am thankful that my learning is not confined to one space but flows between places and people. 

Advice I would give to students is put your whole self out there, be unapologetic and don’t be afraid to tell the parts of your journey that need to be seen.