Future Alumni


“Huskies@Work broadened my interests and shared the massive community I have at the UW” — Huskies@Work participant

Build a Husky career connection

More than ever, students need connections to help them explore what their career paths could look like after graduation. That’s where our incredible network of UW alumni come in!

Huskies@Work is a program run and supported by the UWAA that matches students with alumni volunteers based on their fields, interests and experience. Connect online, in person or by phone — whatever works.

Applications are open through April 16 for the Spring 2023 session. Apply now through UW Husky Landing!

You can connect and support students with their career goals year-round on our professional development platform for the UW community, UW Husky Landing. In addition to being the online home for Huskies@Work, UW Husky Landing connects students, alumni and friends through similar backgrounds and interests. Learn more and make connections today.

Already a UW Husky Landing member? Go straight to the Huskies@Work application page.

More about Huskies@Work

Students: Talk one-on-one to learn more about potential careers and paths to consider to reach your goals.

“…opened my eyes to many new possibilities.” — UW Student

Alumni: Connect with a student and share your knowledge and experience.

“It is so rewarding to talk with very bright students that are starting out their journey. Gives me hope for the future.” — UW alum