Husky 100

September 2, 2020

Where are they Now: Prithvi Shetty

2019 Husky 100 Prithvi ShettyI am currently working as a Data Scientist at SAP Concur for almost seven months now. I interned at this organization while in graduate school, so it was great to return. I have also participated in internship panel at the iSchool. I have been a mentor through SAP for CodeLabs to help students (who did not find an internship) gain an internship experience. My long-term goal is to pursue a PHD in Data Science with a focus on its application in medicine. I want to create an awareness of the use of data science within the field of medicine.

The Husky 100 recognition award was really helpful. It helped me put out my work to the public by creating a platform. It helped to create opportunity so others could recognize research can help in ways beyond of thought. My research work was mainly with UW medicine in detecting Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and malignant cancer using machine learning. I feel that the application of Data Science in the field of medicine is under-utilized and it can do wonders.

Husky 100 gave me an amazing platform for exposure of this work/volunteering. It helped me personally to gain job opportunities as well. I received more full time offers following this recognition than I ever imagined. Lastly, at the time of receiving the award, I was a president UW UMANG of which helped international students get free initial accommodations and free airport rides. The recognition helped to showcase the RSO and increase volunteer recruitments.

I am still volunteering for UW Umang. As an international student, I feel what it is like to leave your home country and move to a country you do not know. As a part of the activities at the RSO, we get people together for festivals and events to help build a community and increase knowledge about UW, Seattle and opportunities within the city. I also volunteer with the iSchool at UW to promote STEM opportunities for all individuals and let them know how diverse data science really is.

My advice to future Husky 100 applicants is to just put your passion out. Follow your passion and work towards that and it will do wonders. I didn’t think about the Husky 100 award, I was worried about trying to take advantage of as many opportunities at UW. The Husky 100 award is an opportunity for you to share your work and experiences that express your passion and how UW impacted you in all aspects of your life.