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Final Project tips

  1. Vary final project list so that no two similar projects are assigned in back-to-back years
  2. Randomize project assignments, so friends or cliques are not assigned the same projects
  3. Require students to include a signed statement in their report stating that the project report represents their own work and includes complete citations to all references or sources of help, including other students or work colleagues
  4. Reconsider allowing students to use a project that they propose instead of one on your project list (they could be attempting to recycle a work project or a project from another course)
  5. However, if you approve a student use their own topic, meet with the student and talk about the topic in order to get a sense of the student’s understanding of the topic
  6. Explain clearly what level of collaboration is acceptable, keeping in mind that students must submit individual reports and are graded individually
  7. If a student wants to continue work from a previous class, consult with the student and develop clear expectations regarding the assignment
  8. To verify the student is expanding on the topic, have the student turn in their old assignment before they start the project to verify the additional work they completed
  9. The Student Conduct Code states, “Multiple submissions of the same work in separate courses without the express permission of the instructor(s)” is a violation