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Accessing Legal Services

Student parties are permitted to have a support advisor present in their conduct proceeding. The support advisor may or may not be an attorney. Below is a list of contacts to attorney referral services and legal services organizations that might provide services and/or information to students.

Please note:

  • Some of these programs might provide services at no cost (such programs are often referred to as legal services), while others might require payment.
  • We cannot and do not make any recommendations regarding any of these programs.
  • We also cannot and do not make any guarantees about whether any of these programs will be able to provide student parties with services.
  • Attorneys must be permitted to practice law in Washington. This means that they are either licensed as attorneys in Washington or that they have followed the process with the Washington State Bar Association to be permitted to practice law in Washington.


  • Washington State Bar Association’s Legal Help resources – This program’s webpage has resource and referral information. To view this information, follow this link:
  • CLEAR (Coordinated Legal Education, Advice, and Referral) – Low-income Washington residents with civil legal problems are potentially eligible for assistance from this program. To apply online follow this link:
  • ACLU of Washington – This program takes on a small number of cases. To see more information and access their online information and referral request form, follow this link: This page also provides access to legal resources and information.

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