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As a center of learning, the University of Washington has the obligation to maintain conditions conducive to freedom of inquiry and expression to the maximum degree compatible with the orderly conduct of its functions.

Our campus community is committed to maintaining the highest level of academic and behavioral integrity. Community Standards & Student Conduct (CSSC) has an online tool to make reporting alleged incidents of student misconduct easier for faculty, staff, and students.

For Students

  • If you believe you have been a victim of an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code or you are aware of an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code, you have the right to report it to the University.
  • You can use the online reporting form to provide a statement. You will be able to directly upload text messages, social media posts, email communications, or other relevant evidence.
  • A member of the Community Standards & Student Conduct team will contact you to review the student conduct process.
  • The University will provide a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation to determine whether the Student Conduct Code has been violated.
  • If you are reporting a Title IX violation, click HERE.

For Faculty & Staff

  • If you suspect academic misconduct in a student’s work, you are encouraged to report it.
  • Using the secure online form, you will be able to directly upload papers with suspected plagiarism, copies of tests with suspected cheating, and email communications you have had with the student(s).
  • For more examples of appropriate documents in evidence, please refer to our reporting¬†academic misconduct page.