Community Standards & Student Conduct

Report it

As a center of learning, the University of Washington has the obligation to maintain conditions conducive to freedom of inquiry and expression to the maximum degree compatible with the orderly conduct of its functions.

Our campus community is committed to maintaining the highest level of academic and behavioral integrity. Community Standards & Student Conduct (CSSC) has an online tool to make reporting alleged incidents of student misconduct easier for faculty, staff, and students.

Updated Title IX Notice can be found HERE

Click on HERE and you will be taken to a website where you can fill out your name, email, and a description of what happened.

For faculty, you can upload homework, papers or other documents regarding academic misconduct.

For students, you can upload texts, screen shots or emails in the documents tab.

A CSSC staff person will process the report and contact you for further details. If you have any questions about the Report It function, please contact us at 206-685-6194 or