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Who We Are

Our Mission

CSSC strives to ENGAGE students in an equitable process centered on the values of honesty, integrity, and respect. Students are encouraged to REFLECT on their actions to understand their impact on the community, and to DEVELOP an understanding of their decisions to work toward success.

Core services

  • Investigate and adjudicate violations of the Student Conduct Code.
  • Promote student accountability through cultivating responsible, ethical behavior of the individual student.
  • Collaborate with student leaders, student organizations, student government, and local neighborhood associations to advance students’ understanding of their role as members of the greater community. Ensure that students are knowledgeable about what it means to be responsible citizens.
  • Provide leadership and consultation to other units, schools, colleges, and departments in working with students of concern and offer resources and support.
  • Process disciplinary checks and Dean’s Certifications for students who are transferring to different institutions, planning on traveling abroad, or applying for graduate programs.