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Homework Assignment tips

  1. Since collected homework can never be fully screened for copying, it may be more effective to put greater effort into preventing cheating on in-class exams and quizzes which can be closely monitored or in final projects
  2. Limit grades for collected homework to no more than 10% of the total course grade, except in courses where regular practice is deemed essential and which cannot be replaced by in-class quizzes or exams
  3. Replace the balance of customary homework assignment grades (traditionally, 25-30% of the course grade had been typical) with a second midterm or in-class quizzes closely based on homework assignments
  4. Rotate homework assignments so that no two similar assignments are used in back-to-back years
  5. Use different versions of the assignment for each course section
  6. Explain clearly what level of collaboration is acceptable
  7. Consider “flipping the classroom” by exposing students to the content prior to coming to class and using class time to work on practice problems or higher-order learning.