Accessible curricula and tools for K-12 computing education

Learn more about recent AccessCSforAll activities as we work to provide professional development and accessible tools for K-12 computing educators.

New Grant on K-12 Computing Education for Students with Disabilities
A news article from DO-IT News announcing the newest grant and sharing information on new project details.

New Funded Projects Serve to Increase Accessibility and Inclusion in Computing Fields
A news article from DO-IT News highlighting AccessCSforAll is a continuing collaboration between the University of Washington and the University of Nevada Las Vegas with the goal of including more K-12 students with disabilities in computing classes.

AccessCSforAll: An Introduction to the Quorum Programming Language and Evidence-Oriented Programming
A blog post discussing AccessCSforAll and the Quorum programming language. For more information on this, watch the author, AccessCSforAll PI Andreas Stefik's recent talk on evidence-based programming.

2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy
A blog post summarizing the 2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy written by Richard Ladner, PI.

Watch AccessCSforAll's Webinars for CS Educators Teaching Students with Disabilities
In these webinars, computer science (CS) teachers who specialize in teaching blind and visually impaired students, deaf and hard of hearing students, and learning disabled and neurodiverse students shared strategies that other K-12 educators can use to include students with disabilities in their classroom.

Improving Accessibility: Opening Doors for Students with Disabilities in CS
The CS10K Community and AccessCSforAll joined together to focus on how to improve accessibility and open doors for students with disabilities in computer science.

Learn with
The Hour of Code is offering Quorum, a programming language accessible to those who are blind, as one of their tutorial languages. To learn more, check out Quorum under the Partner Tutorials in Other Programming Languages header.