Who and Where to Pay

Federal Stafford, Grad and Parent Plus Loans

If you have a Direct Stafford/Ford loan, you repay your loan to the Direct Loan Servicer (a contractor that the government uses to collect repayment).

There are multiple loan servicers who handle billing and repayment for federal Direct Loans. Your loan will be assigned to one of these servicers, which will be identified on your NSLDS record, along with contact information for that servicer. The Direct Loan servicers offer multiple repay options to fit your preferences and needs. Take these steps to get started:

  • Identify all of your federal loans and outstanding balances on NSLDS
  • Update your address/telephone information with your servicer
  • Sign up for online account access on your servicer's website
  • Sign up for automatic payments - your payment will never be late, and there may be a financial incentive available if you do so
  • Contact your servicer for information about the best repayment option for your financial situation
  • Don't hesitate to contact your servicer with any questions, problems, or concerns

Perkins, Health Profession and UW Institutional Loans

Your Perkins Loan, Health Profession Loan, Primary Care Loan, Nursing Loan or UW Institutional loan is always repaid to the school that gave you the loan. If you received one of these loans from the University of Washington then click here for the link to Campus Partners, our loan servicer.

Private Loans

Loans taken out from a bank need to be repaid to that bank or the current holder of the loan. You should receive instructions from that bank.