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Your student budget is the amount of money we estimate you will need for tuition, books, and living expenses for the 9-month academic year (October-June). Student budgets include only the student's educational costs; other family members' expenses cannot be included in the budget.

The figures below are subject to change each academic year. Budgets for prior years are also available.

2014-2015 Student Budget Nine-Month Living Expenses
Budget Items Lives with Parents/Relative Undergrad Traditional Undergrad Non-Traditional Undergrad
Books $1,206 $1,206 $1,206
Room/Board $3,483 $10,833 $14,076
Personal $2,265 $2,265 $2,265
Transportation * $414 $414 $1,296
Resident Tuition ** $12,394 $12,394 $12,394
Resident Total Costs $19,762 $27,112 $31,237
Non-Resident Tuition ** $33,513 $33,513 $33,513
Non-Resident Total Costs $40,881 $48,231 $52,356

* For UW-Seattle students, the annual U-Pass expense of $228 is added to the Tuition and Fees category.

**Tuition rates are for Seattle undergraduates. Bothell and Tacoma rates vary due to fees. Beginning Winter 2015 Tacoma students will be charged a mandatory fee of $180 per quarter for a new fitness center being developed with the local YMCA.

Traditional: All single, undergraduate students (without dependent children) who are living away from parents' home; or undergraduate married students without children whose spouses are also students.

Non-Traditional: Undergraduates who have children; married undergraduates whose spouses are not also enrolled. Registered same-sex domestic partners may request consideration for additional living costs and will need to provide information about their partner's financial resources when they make the request.