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Your student budget is the amount of money we estimate you will need for tuition, books, and living expenses for the 9-month academic year (October-June). Student budgets include only the student's educational costs; other family members' expenses cannot be included in the budget.

The figures below are subject to change each academic year. Please check with the Medical and Dental schools for costs associated with those programs. Budgets for prior years are also available.

2015-2016 Graduate Student Budget Nine-Month Living Expenses
Budget Items Lives with Parents/Relative Traditional
Books $ 1,206 $ 1,206
Room/Board $ 3,555 $ 14,625
Personal $ 2,265 $ 2,265
Transportation * $ 1,296 $ 1,296
Resident Tuition ** $16,296 $16,296
Resident Total Costs $24,618 $35,688
Non-resident Tuition ** $28,344 $28,344
Non-resident Total Costs $36,666 $47,736

* For UW-Seattle students, the annual U-Pass expense of $228 is added to the Tuition and Fees category.

**Tuition rates are based on 2014-15 rates; 2015-16 rates have not yet been established. Tuition rates are for Seattle Graduate Tier I students.

For detailed information on tuition rates, see Annual or Quarter Tuition and Fees.